Pandora's Promise - Anti-Nuclear Mob Burns Environment In Coal Fired Forges Of Industry For 30 Years

Pandora’s Promise – Anti-Nuclear Mob Burns Environment In Coal Fired Forges Of Industry For 30 Years

PandorasPromise_ nuclear energy might save the world

A new documentary film that reveals how opposition to and voting against nuclear power turned into massive increases in coal burning power plants.

The far worse outcome for the environment has resulted as coal has filled energy demand nuclear might have filled is the story just coming to theatres.

It’s an old story in the nuclear energy world but it does prove that truth does eventually resurface no matter how deeply it is buried by those who wantonly replaced truth with dogmatic lies in an age of mob rule. There can be no question that the marketing campaigns against nuclear energy have been the most lucrative and long lived of all money making campaigns of countless “environmental” organizations. The transformation of sensible anti nuclear weapons opposition into anti-nuclear anything has resulted in billions in revenues for decades for clever “green” fund raisers. The price paid by our environment as a result of this marketing campaign is catastrophic.

Tragically for the planet the highly successful mob rule of the anti-nuclear movement has effectively promoted coal and fossil fuels to the exclusion of meaningful alternatives. The resulting half a trillion tonnes of extra CO2 emitted by coal and fossil fuel is now shown to be a lethal overdose already administered to the planets environment.

Now pro-nuclear environmentalists in the film confess that their original anti-nuke views were more the product of automatic tribal acceptance of what the group believed – Rachel Carson and Ralph Nader and Bill McKibben are against nukes? Then so am I. – than informed independent analysis. They acknowledge that it literally felt threatening to change their minds and go against the whole tribe; “I was at no doubt that my entire career as an activist was at risk if I went and talked (positively) about nuclear,” Lynas.

Stone’s film premiered at Sundance to positive reviews (Variety, Slate) and is scheduled for theatrical release this summer. It makes a convincing case for nuclear power as a carbon-free source of energy to reduce the harm of climate change in a world in which population is rising and the demand for electricity is soaring as the developing world develops.

Perhaps the film Pandora’s Promise will spark an enlightenment and awareness that the continued burning of coal must have an immediate alternative.

Fortunately there are solutions for both clean green energy and the antidote for the toxic CO2 already emitted and killing ocean life.

Here’s a trailer for the film.