Al Gore “Cold Fusion Very Intriguing” In Talk On Climate Change Solutions


Vice-President Al Gore

Former Vice-President Al Gore offered very encouraging words to those in pursuit of climate change solutions.

He spoke of the need for using many “tools” for providing energy to help solve the crisis of climate change.  Asked about traditional nuclear fission he said many new technologies were being investigated and that much smaller sized nuclear reactors are the most likely path forward, those a fraction of the size of the multi-gigawatt reactor power plants now being shut down around the world.

On the question of HOT fusion technology he brushed it away saying it was at least 50 years away from any meaningful application.

He then spoke of “very intriguing development in COLD Fusion” in this Google+ sponsored round table discussion.


Pons & Fleischmann 1989

Vice-president Gore is surely referring to the resurgence in Cold Fusion that has come now nearly 25 years since it’s discovery in March of 1989 by Fleischmann and Pons. Over the years countless scientific papers have been presented at top scientific conferences around the world showing the process working consistently at laboratory bench scale. However in the past several years a number of groups have worked to demonstrate the clean green fusion energy source at large scale.


Rossi 1 MW Unit Being Shipped to USA

Most recently an Italian R&D group headed by Andrea Rossi has repeatedly shown kilowatt to megawatt scale devices. Just weeks ago an independent European energy research group supported by one of Europe’s most prestigious energy research agencies reported on the Internet ArXiv science journal that undeniable proof of energy orders of magnitude beyond any conceivable non-nuclear source were shown to the observer team. This report has sparked a heated discussion and reportage on the Rossi technology.

Forbes Magazine as well as Wired Magazine have proclaimed in substantial stories that the new reports on the Rossi cold fusion technology appear to have met every milestone demanded by even the most ardent skeptics in the field. Indeed the European group of scientists who published the recent affirming report included the head of Europe’s most prominent “scientific skeptics society.”

Forbes writes below the headline:  Finally! Independent Testing Of Rossi’s E-Cat Cold Fusion Device: Maybe The World Will Change After All… May 20th

Wired writes below the headline: Cold Fusion gets red hot and aims for EU  May 24th

Can’t ask for much stronger headlines than these.

A few years back my own work in this field was featured in Wired Magazine as well.


Or if you prefer you might listen to the SCIENCE FRIDAY radio podcast  with me and top HOT fusion scientist from General Atomics Tokamak research facility in San Diego discuss my work in COLD FUSION with Ira Flatow.  For even more on this important topic there is an abundance of information on Cold Fusion on the site  Atom-Ecology.

Vice-president Gore is not the only world leader taking a close look at clod fusion. Just last week the European Parliament listened with rapt attention to briefings on Cold Fusion made to them in Brussels.

You can listen to Al Gore on this round table on climate change on YouTube here…