sunset for the fossil fuel age

Has Italy Just Cornered The Global Energy Market?

Sundown for the fossil fuel age begins in Italy

Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Alessandro Volta, Guglielmo Marconi, Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno.

Galileo Galilei, Michelangelo, Alessandro Volta, Guglielmo Marconi, Leonardo da Vinci, Giordano Bruno.

Italy has for 20+ years been supporting a low level program of top flight science on Cold Fusion. This is not surprising to hear as Italy has a long tradition with it’s pioneers pulling rabbits out of their hats. Think of  daVinci, Galileo, and Columbus to mention a few whose pioneering work proved fruitful in the long term. In this Italian day and age of Cold Fusion think Preparata, Celani, Scaramuzzi, Violante, Rossi, Focardi, Piantelli…

In the past several years Italian progress in what most of the world has been sold to believe is impossible, quackery, and against the “laws of physics” cold fusion has become seen to be remarkable – perhaps even world changing. Cold fusion as the Italians practice it in several forms is highly reproducible and even very nearly commercially ready to replace your hot water and home heating system, and surely rapidly power industrial facilities of all kinds.

Events leading up to this breakthrough

While most might have missed the European Parliament’s invitation to Italian cold fusion scientists to provide a briefing in Brussels not everyone did. That interest by the EU at the highest levels touched the interest of one of Europe’s leading energy R&D organizations ELFORSK to engaging teams of scientists to participate in demonstration experiments of cold fusion technology. While the first report, as per normal, was ridiculed for supposed shortcomings that ‘anti-social media’ squawking merely served to have ELFORSK to have the experiments repeated. The second report has convinced them, and many silent on-lookers, that something very real and important in global energy is very near to hand. It may even be the Black Swan of the fossil fuel age.

Vittorio Violante showing Bill Gates Cold Fusion with a Frascati director looking on

Vittorio Violante showing Bill Gates Cold Fusion with bearded Lowell Wood looking on. (Wood is often known as apprentice of Edward Teller father of nuclear fusion)

Now we have just days ago a sign of a very important event, the richest man in the world Bill Gates has traveled to the Italian Vatican of Cold Fusion the ENEA lab at Frascati (Italy’s Los Alamos) for a personal briefing on Italy’s incredible developments of cold fusion. Gate has, like no other man on earth, the ability to be a Black Swan in the world of energy.

What Bill Gates likely learned at the Vatican of Cold Fusion

Just what has drawn Mr. Gates to cold fusion is the building by many teams of working cold fusion devices, with the Italian’s in the lead. Clearly now cold fusion conditions have been shown to be far advanced over those of orignators Pons & Fleischmann wet electro-chemical modalities. Today’s much simpler gas on nano-scopic metal mixtures is what shows off Cold Fusion consistently.

The basics are that in nano-scale domains, 1/1000th the diameter of a human hair or less the close approach of atoms ordinarily overwhelmed by repulsive forces is facilitated by the powerful surface effects that reign in those tiny domains. Using not so simple but incredibly inexpensive methods cold fusion, nuclear fusion with finesse and at temperatures of just hundreds of degrees, produces heat via pathways that almost exclusively lead to nuclear fusion without any radioactive effects. Clean nuclear energy too cheap too meter.

Red Hot E-CAT 2

Red Hot E-CAT 2 of Andrea Rossi photographed during ELFORSK supervised verification test completed fall 2014

One leading Italian researcher Andrea Rossi has had his technology acquired by a large US company Industrial Heat (IH) of North Carolina. Together Rossi and his IH partners have been demonstrating the production of megawatts of useful heat with the oversight of ELFORSK and others, among the others are rumored to be be NASA and the US Navy. Rossi’s results are hot!

My Cold Fusion Simple Kilowatt™ heater now in development

Atom Ecology Cold Fusion Simple Kilowatt™ Teller Bulb Heater now in development

We are delighted to see the Italian breakthrough efforts that they have dedicated many years to perfecting finally heating up. They deserves much credit for their tenacity and incite. There are only a few of us cold fusion experimentalists who have stuck with the work for decades. It’s even more remarkable that our collective works seem to be following very similar paths.

A rising Italian tide will lift all boats!

Cold Fusion al dente will provide the fast track to replacement of fossil fuels needed for the reduction of climate change impacts of fossil fuels that global leaders are saying MUST take place before the end of this century. Read more on this “Fossil fuel phased out by 2100” from the BBC.

I for one am hopeful the times they are a changing and cold fusion and ocean pastures will be the swan song of the fossil fuel age and flowers of plankton to be placed into the gun barrels of the fossils of this age that I have worked to help deliver to the world for 25 years.