Not so compact fluorescent cold fusion

Not so compact fluorescent cold fusion

Scientists at Los Alamos have been working and producing cold fusion in glow discharge experiments for 20 years.

Glow discharge ‘fluorescent’ cold fusion experiments haven’t been a popular modality in the field but one group of scientists at Los Alamos has been reporting on success in this variation for two decades. The scientists led by Tom Claytor are the most expert group of nuclear scientists at Los Alamos on the topic of tritium. Tritium is a key ingredient in hydrogen bombs so these guys know it well and how to measure it. Of course the tritium they produced comes along with nuclear heat but the tritium is a far more precise measure of success though not very useful unless you maintain arsenals of hydrogen bombs that need constant replacement of ‘stale’ tritium.

Their apparatus when I worked in the same lab(s) was about the size of a microwave oven, larger with more amperage than a simple compact fluorescent lightbulb but not so very different in many ways. It’s strange how some guilds in science have been pissing on cold fusion for 25 years while the top nuclear science lab in the world has all the while been tinkering away, building, running and improving cold fusion light bulbs. These days the experiment is smaller. Of course these Los Alamos experts use cold fusion metals including palladium and nickel as well as deuterium.

Here’s a video of a presentation by Tom Claytor at a MIT workshop on cold fusion in early 2014.

Here’s a link to a pdf describing early Los Alamos glow discharge cold fusion success.

It’s not as if cold fusion isn’t simply the most important source of energy on the planet with the potential to totally replace fossil fuels and save the environment from the ravages of same while providing homes and industry limitless energy for pennies on the energy dollar.  Of course that evolutionary and revolutionary character is the key reason for the never ending propaganda campaign against it that has proven the old adage that is ‘if you repeat a lie frequently enough it becomes the truth.’