US Navy Cold Fusion Is Real And Nuclear Video

US Navy Cold Fusion Is Real And Nuclear Video

The US Navy is the remaining developer of nuclear engineering in the USA.

Wonders of wonders, inspite of limitless propaganda against cold fusion, a number of the Navy’s nuclear scientists and engineers have put in more than 20 years of experimental research on cold fusion Here is a video of a special session they held to describe their success and present definitive proof with both the cold fusion fire and the nuclear ashes being repeated countless times.

Tiny part of a big navy ship engine room

Part of a big navy ship engine room

Their conclusion is unmistakable — for the US Navy cold fusion is real and nuclear. Not that they have poured in substantial resources into the work but they have been at it for more than 2 decades. For some unimaginable reason they have kept this all more or less under the radar and certainly have not taken the obvious steps to scale the work up to an industrial scale. Had they moved to development using the results and know how they have shown their engineers could easily assemble banks of their cold fusion cells to make big power plants. Such plants might take up a fraction of the space in big ships engine space and power the ship at a fraction of the cost of fossil fuel.

Keep in mind the biggest payload on a ship is its fuel with a big carrier running up a tab for 4 million gallons to fill up at the gas dock. A fleet of oil tankers sails with a carrier carrying additional fuel to keep the big ship operating as one tank of fuel isn’t enough for long voyages. The US Navy spends ~$4 billion a year on ~26 million barrels of fuel. Whereas heavy water for a cold fusion powered ship could be brought aboard in a single barrel. Last time I looked one could buy a barrel of heavy water from Ontario Hydro for a few thousand dollars. Hell a typical warship will carry more pancake syrup than fuel.

The video is an hour long and very technical but well worth the time to watch if you are seriously interested.

Mysteriously information on the Navy research program on cold fusion is no longer public an action that followed shortly after this video appeared on You Tube. Imagine the Navy fuel suppliers that have been howling in protest at the prospect of see a lucrative legacy business slowly sunk by a few barrels of heavy water.

Here’s a link to one of my posts on my long relationship with some in the Navy.