Would You Buy The Book?

The real story of cold fusion is a challenge to write.

There is more to the story of cold fusion and that is its real history from the perspective of one who has been living in the forest and not merely watching from the cliff top. So far the books on cold fusion have been… meh.

The work of writing something other than the usual pablum is challenging and without help and encouragement I am just unlikely to complete the effort.

So here is the proposition.

If sufficient people will sign up to buy a copy at $20 as it becomes available then such a ‘crowd funding’ ‘crowd support’ proof of interest may just be what is needed to convince my muse to employ what it takes to get on with the writing.

To add your self to a possible book supporting crowd in the cloud just fill out the form below.

I’ll track the crowds level of support and report on progress here as it becomes useful.