Pons Farr Fusion

Pons Farr Fusion

Names make so much difference for some.

The original work of Fleischmann and Pons was called “cold fusion” which was a very appropriate choice of a name. Later various spin masters worked to disparage both the field of research and its name. Today any number of new names are regularly proposed, such as LENR or CANR, most often these have been proposed by armchair would be pundits who seek to make some lasting mark on the field that is greater than the Cheetos stains on their computer keyboards.


Dr. Stanley Pons speaking of cold fusion in 1989 in Utah before its recent renaming in his honor

With the passing of Martin Fleischmann (and his science soul mate Mr. Spock) it seems right and proper that Fleischmanns cold fusion discovery partner Dr. Stanley Pons be passed the baton to be the new namesake of cold fusion. So to honor Dr. Pons I propose a new name for cold fusion – it should hereafter be known as PonsFusion.

PonsFusion is a new class of radiation free nuclear reaction. It is accompanied by a time of intense burning heat and coincides with a departure from the ordinary Vulcan-like logic often dictated by scientific dogma. If the Pons farr fusion condition between atoms of hydrogen should fail to consummate they may fall victim to a form of Tarkalean flu wherein they shrivel as if ill or if you prefer Mills.

A common misconception associated with the Pons farr fusion is that it can occur only once every seven years. This may help explain the persistent claims by so many skeptics that PonsFusion has only rarely been observed. However, PonsFusion is neither coincident nor consistent with the rules of the ordinary fusion life of hydrogen, and thus PonsFusion reactive participants are able to engage without issues far more frequently than once every seven years.

It’s not unexpected that the drudges who have chosen to stay on the sidelines in pons farr fusion sometimes try to invoke the ritual fight to the death challenge kunat kal-if-fee even though they find ponsfusion to be embarrassing, uncontrollable, physical, and frightening. They will inevitably be shown as the losers that they are. In the meantime they will no doubt continue to chide and deride their betters.

RIP Martin and Leonard

ps. Bing translate will produce a decent Klingon version of this posting.