That 'Millshattan Project' Just Across The Hudson

That ‘Millshattan Project’ Just Across The Hudson

Randy Mills, an early cold fusioneer has not been idle for the past 25+ years of the cold fusion saga.

He’s one of the very rare birds of the field being both a talented experimentalist and a competent theorist.

Quietly and patiently his company in New Jersey, BlackLight Power, just a few miles from Manhattan, has successfully raised tens of millions of dollars of venture capital and has begun to display some of the remarkable results of its discovery and technology. It’s taken a few years and a lot less fan fare but all in all the results appear to be approaching those of the original Manhattan Project, incredible production of energy from tiny amounts of fuel. Cold fusion will produce no atomic bomb (like the first Trinity bomb above)  to destroy cities and civilizations but surely it is providing today a nuclear power helping to drive the race to the bottom for fossil fuel prices.

4o times more engine power under the hood of a car


BlackLight Power Sun Cell Engine

Besting the Manhattan Project and its atomic energy, millshattan project millsonic energy is produced in the form of intense light energy that is targeted by its engineers to produce 10 megawatts of electrical power into a cubic meter volume of space. That’s about the same volume of space that is under the hood of your car which with the most powerful of engines produces perhaps 250 kilowatts, 1/40th of the same power output as what Dr. Mills says we can expect to be driving soon. The fuel is so cheap one will might never shut the engine off, rather just plug it into ones home or factory grid. (To give Dr. Mills some proper leeway he long ago changed referring to his work as cold fusion deciding instead to coin his own new word – hydrino energy.)

Here’s a video just released by BlackLight Power with Dr. Mills

BlackLight Power Emerald Groundhog Day (Feb. 2015) Presentation from Blacklight Power on Vimeo.

25 years of working to get up that great big hill of hope and our destination

For the past 25+ years since the announcement of cold fusion in Salt Lake City Utah the established energy industry has schemed to use its own form of black light to darken the name and condemn as folly or even fraud any and all who followed in the footsteps of Fleischmann and Pons cold fusion pioneering work. Old King Coal’s loyalist academic drones and brutes touting institutional and professional “credentials” have lined up as an impenetrable wall of dumbfounding derision and taunting cat calls about how such discoveries as “cold fusion” and “blacklight power” are impossible according to their theory and dogma. Government bureaucrats, or at least those not clearly in the pocket of the traditional energy complex, have cowered and spit skepticism as is their natural state where they follow the key rule of bureaucratic survival “if you never do anything, you can never be accused of doing anything wrong.” All the while they have watched as our planet is increasingly poisoned by the fossil fuel emissions they defend.

But time has its way of bringing brave new reality to light, even if it takes black light to see it.

Dr. Mills is now conducting semi-public demonstrations of his remarkable experiments that are on the verge of becoming practical technologies. He takes a chapter right out of Mercedes Benz’s book on building an electricity generating car power plant that gives you all the power you need while you drive and when you park the power plant continues to operate and is plugged in to power your home or local electrical grid. Mills speaks of ‘millsonic’ engines that will be able to produce sufficient power to run scores of homes where the cost of the engines is mere thousands of dollars, less than that of a conventional automobile engine today. Even better their fuel is simple water required in quantities that your sports water bottle will suffice to power your Millsonic engine for days on end. If it weren’t for the fact that Dr. Mills has needed to raise money from the capitalist venture investment community of downtown Manhattan his Millshattan project energy would indeed be too cheap to meter.


CFL – Cold Fusion Light/Heat bulbs are near to hand — click to read more

To the dismay of the conventional energy industry complex that is staring at their black holes of stranded fossil fuel reserves and associated investments Dr. Mills and similar progress in the field of cold fusion by a number of others has not been squashed like the bug they thought they had stomped on. These foundational scientific discoveries are part of Nature and change the way in which we view the world, indeed universe, of atoms. These new more active atoms harbour and provide access to the boundless energy of the universe are today unleashed.

The drudges and drones of academia and bureaucracies are being seen to be adhering to the old adage “Those who can do, those who can’t teach.”

Blacklight Power’s crescendo of revelations about what it believes it might do and deliver in just a few months time go hand in hand with the similar crescendo of revelations in cold fusion where reports of megawatt scale installations of power producing cold fusion machines demonstrating practical commercial power at US industry and military sites are here today. One has to choose to either believe that a brave new world of inexhaustible clean cheap energy is being ushered in by brave men in lab coats doing the work, or the cynical words and poisonous protestations and incantations of the armchair crowd of “those who can’t.”

Red Hot E-CAT 2

Red Hot E-CAT glowing at a temperature of hundreds of degrees C, many labs around the world are now reporting success in replication of the simple device some reaching white-hot temperatures of 1200 degrees C.

Simultaneously cold fusion progress is equally startling and is fast becoming a red-hot reality in small laboratories around the world. Simple technologies requiring just a few dollars of materials to construct and operate are proving to have leapfrogged multi-billion dollar mega fusion projects. Cold fusion, sometimes called LENR for low energy nuclear reactions, often requires a small amounts of electrical energy or simple heating to be turned on. The reactors are then are seen to rise to temperatures capable of boiling water to steam or even vastly hotter temperatures in excess of 1000 degrees C.

The original discoverers of cold fusion Professors Pons and Fleischmann demonstrated their boiling cold fusion cells more than a decade ago but were beaten down by an avalanche of derision from so-called scientific communities.


Italian engineer Andrea Rossi standing inside one of his megawatt scale energy machines. A similar machine is now installed and has been providing energy for months in a large US industrial site where it is providing practical cold fusion energy on the plants commercial production line.

Today the likes of engineer Andrea Rossi of Italy is working 16 hours days even as near 70 years of age in a US industrial plant where he has installed a megawatt output E-Cat of his design and manufacture. A large US industrial heating technology supplier Industrial Heat in the Carolina’s bought his technology just last year and is working with him to prove in a real world profit-making demonstration that this technology is not some future dream but is a practical working reality today.

More than 15 years ago I was privileged to present some facts about cold fusion and the future to major government organizations in the USA, Japan, and Europe. The conversations at the time always went toward what to expect and always the consensus of opinion of the experts was that before cold fusion was seen on the market place it would create a race by owners of fossil fuel reserves to sell off those stranded assets before they were made worthless by the new cold fusion energy paradigm.

My view always also included the fact that such a limitless low-cost and perfectly clean energy source would be most important of all in ending the environmental nightmare that has been wrought upon this planet by the emission from burning fossil fuels. I have split my own time and life to pursue both sides of this miraculous new coin which at once solves the world’s energy and environmental tragedies. Cold fusion will help us stop putting more poison into our air and oceans but we have already emitted a lethal dose of those fossil emissions which are a slow deadly poison for our oceans. My antidote for that first deadly dose is here. It’s just as vital and powerful as cold fusion.