Putin Cold Fusion In Russia Ahead Of The World

Putin Cold Fusion In Russia Ahead Of The World

One can only hope that the brave Russian leader Mr. Putin might just pop over to Alexander’s Parkhomov’s Moscow laboratory for a few minutes and take a look at the future of energy.

With contribution of just a simple smile and handshake by Mr. Putin he might usher into this world a limitless clean source of energy for the future. Of course he might also just say to Dr. Parkhomov’s university “give this guy whatever he needs.”

After all Bill Gates, the richest man in the world, did as much by visiting an Italian cold fusion lab in December.

Russian president Putin is well known for making in person visits with scientists

Russian president Putin is well known for making in person visits with scientists. All he needs to help deliver the much-needed cold fusion miracle baby to the world is to take an hour out of his day and drive over to Parkomov’s Moscow lab and shake his hand. Oh yeah, send me a photo.

Nuclear physics and energy experts are watching in awe as an older Russian professor of physics is showing the world how to do great science on a shoestring budget. It’s time a world leader takes an hour out of his day to look into this energy miracle and Mr. Putin is clearly the man for that job. All he needs to do is lend his presence to be Putin cold fusion into the world.


Professor Alexander G. Parkhomov of the People’s Friendship University in Moscow

Professor Alexander G. Parkhomov of the People’s Friendship University in Moscow

Dr. Alexander Parkhomov at the Moscow Friendship University is showing the world just how a master scientist works. His version of the Rossi HOT-CAT has been the subject of his abundant yet patient work for several months of learning his way to making cold fusion a practical reality. Just today he has reported on his latest reactor iteration which he notes has been running in a stable HOT condition for several days.

Parkhomov is doing very simple yet elegant science to study the cold fusion effect. His apparatus was first heated without the cold fusion fuel to a temperature of just over 1100º-1200º C, the electrical power required to maintain that temperature was 1070 watts. Then he added the cold fusion fuel to the reactor and the same temperature has been maintained for hours with only 330 watts of electricity!!! This is unmistakable irrefutable evidence of a nuclear energy process as the extra 740 watts of cold fusion energy output far exceeds any conceivable chemical energy mechanism.


Italian engineer Andrea Rossi standing inside his multi-megawatt industrial power plant for months now powering a US industrial production line in what is a planned 1 year demonstration.

Any engineer looking upon the photo above of the Russian Hot-Cat might immediately imagine assembling some hundreds of similar devices to heat the boilers of a large commercial steam generation plant. This is of course what Italian engineer Andrea Rossi has already done and is reportedly working 16 hour days watching over his multi-megawatt heat plant that has been running for some months in a US industrial plant producing cheap clean energy on the plants production line. Rossi and his industrial partners have said they will run the plant for one year to prove beyond any possible doubt that cold fusion is here today as practical deployed technology ready to begin to replace fossil and nuclear fuels immediately.

Open Source Cold Fusion For The World

There has been a long and difficult road that Cold Fusion has had to follow since it was first announced to the world in March of 1989. Historian’s of science news report that of all scientific discovery announcements ever, cold fusion holds the record for generating the most news coverage, more than the landing of the first man on the moon! But then it was made a pariah of science and subjected to this day to bullying cries of fool hardy, fabricated, and even fraud. But cold fusion has persevered and in spite of concerted and well orchestrated actions to thwart it becoming accepted, such as the perfect wall of rejection by the US Patent office as being against known laws of physics, it is loose in the world today in many forms.

The efforts to block cold fusion from upsetting embedded fossil fuel energy industry empires and dreamscape nuclear HOT fusion empires into which scores of billions in research funding has been sent down academic black holes have had a profound effect on the development of cold fusion. It has driven the science out of typically secret laboratories for the most part and out into the light of day. The knowledge and know how to make cold fusion technologies is clearly in the public domain and as such is the most important open source science mankind is ever likely to benefit from.

Sure there are more lawyers than one can count willing to stand up and swear that they can make cold fusion technologies patented and proprietary, just pay them their parasitic toll and they might make you the next Cold Fusion Bill Gates. But the facts presented in scientific conferences the world around over the past 26 years prove otherwise. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to make cold fusion technologies is widely and openly available. Better yet as one elderly skilled Russian scientist has shown with just bits and pieces costing mere pennies, or rubles if you prefer, cold fusion can be up and running inside of a few weeks by just a one man team.

Scores of research groups around the world join in.

It’s not just one older Russian scientist working to produce the extremely HOT cold fusion reactors like the one glowing nearly white-hot at the top of this page. It’s been reported that many groups in Russian and the Ukraine are working on it as well, there are groups in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Greece, USA, Canada, Japan, and India that have made it known they have their own nearly identical experimental cold fusion reactors under study. We have even been able watch some of the reactors on YouTube and Facebook in real-time operation, including one that blew up on camera!


Compact Fusion Lightbulb now in development providing a few kilowatts of heat using almost identical technology to todays Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs — click to read more

Many variations on the simple Rossi/Parkomov system of a few grams nickel power mixed with a single gram of Lithium Aluminum hydride are being discussed in internet groups in half a dozen different languages. Theoreticians are positing all manner of explanations ranging from the simplest to beyond incredulous notions that would make the Sci-Fi writers of Star Trek tremble. Traditional physicists supporting the work include top Noble laureates while lesser science drones and drudges are apoplectic with hysterical attacks.

One thing is certain the 26 years of cold fusion science have not gone for naught. This new energy source that is up and running today is clean, limitless, incredibly low-cost, in context one might think of a cold fusion equivalent amount of energy to that of a barrel of oil costing but a fraction of 1 cent. It may have arrived in spite of the 26 years of fomented delay in better and more immediately useful form just in time to save this small blue planet from the ravages of fossil fuels and other environmentally destructive forms of energy. To say that cold fusion is on the verge of changing the world is an understatement. This development could well define the future.

As for the present oil price collapse and the curious fact that no oil nation is willing to cut back production and sales of their “stranded assets” this is precisely the prediction made about what cold fusion would do in traditional energy markests as told by energy experts participating in US Senate cold fusion hearings back in 1989.

Here’s a choice comment from the ethereal physics chatrooms of the internet.

“Personally, I could not think of a more just reward to the physics establishment for its intransigence than for Cold Fusion/LENR to make big news as the result of an aging Russian scientist replicating and confirming in his modest lab a device that was invented by a petulant Italian inventor with a colorful past. I would be very happy if things end up playing out this way, and am hoping they do. It would prove that karma exists, and the physics and energy establishment would have to suffer its comeuppence through the consequences.” anon