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Cold Fusion Denialism Needs To End Now

The black heart of science is revealed by the history of cold fusion denialism.

Such denialism is surely a crime against the planet and humanity.

It’s common for scientists at meetings or conferences where controversial topics come up to describe in jargon laden language and in emotionally neutral terms what their opposing views are. But during less formal conversations later over a few beers these scientists no longer feel obliged to temper their scientific faces from their human hearts, too often black hearts.

Even without the beer goggles on cold fusion denialists use course and profane language to express their disdain and contempt for their victims.

Italian engineer Rossi staind inside one of his megawatt cold fusion power plants like one now online powering a US coprporation commercial production line.

Italian engineer Rossi staind inside one of his megawatt cold fusion power plants like one now online powering a US corporations commercial production line.

In the past 26 years of cold fusion work the black-hearted vitriol has never been tempered in any quarter. The conventional scientific community and it’s lap dog members of the press gallery have unleashed a never-ending volley of blatant lies and committed subterfuge in nearly every instance of reporting on the topic. There has been no polite face turned toward cold fusion as there is toward say climate change deniers. Bared teeth is what have always been relentlessly presented to cold fusion. It is a worsening situtation today as the reality of cold fusion not only working but deliverying practical commercial scale technologies has arrived.

The scientists involved in the mauling of cold fusion, so often funded by oil and energy companies and big science programs, vent their anger to convince each other and whomever is watching from the side lines that good science, security, peace and economic well-being are utterly dependent on the status quo. The alternative they offer is the chimera of endless research programs costing hundreds of billions on far-fetched energy ideas like HOT fusion or more recently “renewable energy.”  (See Google Engineers Find Renewable Energy Unworkable)

This same group commonly holds the flag of climate change high in support of their positions and support all things about climate change and the endless stories about the human suffering and financial losses caused and to be caused by worsening and extreme weather events. They acknowledge the fate of the Earth is sealed by ignorance, lack of compassion, and inexhaustible greed of humanity and that life on this fossil fueled planet will be little more than a brutal struggle for survival by our children and grandchildren (Hansen et al. 2013). That cold fusion might just change this scenario of doom and gloom to one of hope has been for 26 years presented as fraud. If it were to be accepted as true it would call into question their entire life’s work and adherence to research grant and pension protecting dogma. One tragic consequence is that the hundreds of millions of tonnes of climate changing and ocean killing CO2 emissions in the past 20+ years that might have been avoided through clean cold fusion energy is never mentioned.

The reasons why these dogmatic cold fusion denialists are so abundantly obvious is that the world of science has become more of a religious devotion rather than the search for knowledge it once was. Research has clearly shown that massive reductions in worldwide emissions of fossil fueled greenhouse gases over the next two decades will be required to prevent the most disastrous impacts of climate change. But as the cold fusion denialist scientists who rarely deign to be involved in intelligent conversations about cold fusion all know well, and they make every effort to make certain that cold fusion research is the target of misinformation efforts or largely ignored by the mainstream media, it is rarely discussed by political leaders and economic planners, and it is conspicuously discredited at every opportunity.

Methinks that they doth protest too much.

The usual explanation why this insane situation in “science” exists, as climate scientist Michael Mann put it in a recent article in the New York Times, is that there is a “violent strain of anti-science” in this country which “infects the halls of Congress, the pages of leading newspapers and what we see on television.” What Mann did not say in his article but knows very well is that a primary source of this infection of science with regard to cold fusion is the well-financed, highly coordinated, and very effective campaign of disinformation by the energy and physics establishment and that it does not exclude amongst its faithful countless members of the obedient science community.

The Campaign of the Anti Cold Fusion Establishment

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989 click to enlarge

This campaign against cold fusion really began in May 1989 shortly after the announcement of cold fusion to the world from the most unlikely of locations, the university of where?, Utah?

How could it be as one incredibly arrogant yet eminent scientist from a prominent university put it. “No discovery of this magnitude, if real, would come from such a no-name institution.”

Just as suddenly as the miracle of cold fusions discovery went to the front page it went to the obituary page as scientists that owed everything in their lives to the prevailing science for money dogma challenged the scientific evidence that cold fusion was possible and might just be able “to produce clean energy that would be too cheap to meter.”

Here’s a story of the day that describes the feeding frenzy of hatred fomented at the Kangaroo Court on Cold Fusion sponsored by the America Physical Society conference in May 1989. Many of the names of the most notorious cold fusion hate mongers are revealed in the article.

The campaign of lies against cold fusion never stopped and have even expanded up to the present. The intent of the dogmatic institutions of science and energy corporations and billionaires with trillions in strandable assets to protect in the fossil fuel business was to accomplish one mayor objective. The objective was to convince the world that there was and never would be a miraculous Black Swan of clean, abundant, low-cost cold fusion energy even if such a Black Swan might prove to be the one thing capable of saving us from the devastation of the fossil fuel age and climate change.

“Is there a black swan that we don’t know about which will come by 2050 and we will have no demand for oil?”  Saudi Oil Minister Al-Nami December 2014

The method to discredit cold fusion was the “Big Lie.” The phrase originates with Adolf Hitler in “Mein Kamp” who described a lie so colossal that is impossible to believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so famously.” George Orwell later recycled the phrase in his Malthusian novel 1984 and redefined it to mean “to tell deliberate lies while believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient.”

Orwell also noted that the lairs of Big Lies were capable of holding two contradictory truths in mind and believing in both of them. For example, the cold fusion deniers, sadly a vast majority, repeatedly and earnestly have claimed that they are great lovers of science, have enormous respect for scientists, and are only concerned about the uncertainties and lack of scientific rigor and likely out-and-out fraud in cold fusion science. They used their internal dogma to launch and sustain a relentless full-scale attack on the personal and intellectual integrity of cold fusion scientists, do everything possible to destroy their reputations and end their careers, and completely misrepresent and distort cold fusion scientific research.

For example, the campaign launched a full-scale assault on cold fusion scientists during the US Congressional hearings on the discovery held in 1989. One prominent energy industry leader through whose office funding for cold fusion research was funneled noted, ” At the hearings one prominent scientist from MIT gave scathing testimony against the science of cold fusion but immediately following his testimony later that day pitched the EPRI cold fusion project manager with the complete opposite position in asking for industry funding for his research group to work on the topic as they were most knowledgable and competent in the field and clearly believed it was worthy of major research funding.” The congressional hearing was devastating to cold fusion science as it fostered the unfettered bearing of teeth and black hearts of the American world of science.

Another example comes from the DOE study and report on cold fusion that was commissioned by the US Department of Energy. It became such a parody of science that Nobel Physicist some of the most prominent scientist on the commission refused to sign the orignal final report as it contained such unmitigated bias against the field. The cold fusion bashing report was modified slightly to take some of the bite out of it.

The scientific “debate” and trashing of cold fusion is closing against the cold fusion denialists but not yet closed. There is still a small window of opportunity to challenge the science as a theory explaining it is proving to be as elusive as a perfect theory on the origin of the universe. People are still being told to believe by the media that there is a consensus within the scientific community that cold fusion is impossible. Should the public come to believe the scientific issues of cold fusions reality are settled, their views will change accordingly.

Cold fusion device operating in Moscow and on the internet March 2015

Parkhomov’s Cold fusion device, one of the HOT CATS operating in Moscow and openly on the internet with every detail freely shared – March 2015

Cold Fusion As An Open Source Black Swan

During the 26 years of cold fusion denialism the scoundrels have realized their goal of working to kill this Black Swan by contributing a constant barrage of misinformation via an all too willing media industry led by the worst offenders in that industry the mainstream journals of Science and Nature. The big journals rule the Western world of science with an iron editorial fist and they have continued to pummel cold fusion with that iron fist every time they have had a chance as any quick Google search will reveal. Untold sums have been spent to sustain the myth that there was a scientific consensus against cold fusion including compensating allegedly “independent” scientists who were willing to testify that this claim was invalid before any and all including Congressional committees.

The blockade and war of lies against cold fusion in the mainstream journals of science has driven it into the world of open science. Accompanying this open source science path cold fusion has been largely refused access to patent protection, with some few exceptions such as this patent by Japanese Mitsubishi Industries and resulting action. Today cold fusion is clearly an open source science with technology requiring such simple methods and materials that are so thoroughly exposed on the internet that there is virtually no chance of the technology being owned and confined behind barriers to entry whether those barriers be blockades on the sharing of knowledge and simple facts of cold fusion or technology lockups and patents owned by the wealthy.

Tragically what this has revealed about Western Science is that it is today a quasi-religious belief system with two articles of faith that the true believers regard as transcendent and immutable truths. The first is that the dynamics of free market systems can choose the right solutions to resolve virtually all human problems, including the energy and climate crisis. The second is that the growth and expansion of free market systems lifts all boats and serves the greater good and the only legitimate role of government in the management of economic activities is to promote and enable this growth and expansion. This explains why the denialist participants in the campaign against cold fusion feel justified creating a shadow science world that serves their vested interests and advances their ideological agenda. It also explains why they have no compunctions about subverting and violating the principles of democratic governance and so flagrantly use the telling of Big Orwellian Lies about the science of cold fusion.

There Ought to Be a Law

There are two definitions of crimes against humanity in international law that could apply to the campaign of the cold fusion denialists. The first is “grave offences that are part of a widespread and systematic attack against a civilian population,” and the second is “inhumane acts intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical harm.” (Brown, 2013) There is can be no doubt that the Big Lies told by the cold fusion denialists constitute a “widespread and systematic attack against” all of humanity. There is also no doubt that the cold fusion denialists were and are fully aware that they are misleading people in ways that could eventually result in “great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental and physical harm.”

It may not be possible for a variety of reasons to identify and charge the principal cold fusion denialists secure in their vast networks with crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court at The Hague. But we could at least begin to call them by a name that is more appropriate for those who have committed crimes against humanity.

My candidate for a more accurate and appropriate definition of cold fusion denialist is as follows: “One who lies about the science of cold fusion and imperils the human future so as to protect and enhance his or her financial interests with little or no regard for the principles of democracy or the welfare or will of the people of the world.”

One can hope that the editors and owner of the Journals Science and Nature and the members of their vast network cabal will have a crisis of conscience and use their money, power and influence to prevent the energy and ecological disaster they have for 26 years been so steadfast in the process of fomenting by blockading the acceptance of the discovery and promise of cold fusion. However in the probable event that this does not happen, those of us who care about the human and environmental future must be prepared and willing to wage a war aptly described by the American philosopher William James: “What we need to discover in the social realm is the moral equivalent of war: something heroic that will speak to men as universally as war does, and yet will be compatible with their spiritual selves as war proved itself to be incompatible.” (James, 1902)

Volunteers in this movement need to be prepared and willing to publicly challenge the Big Lies told by the cold fusion denialists and to expose and ridicule the motives of the tellers of these lies. The tools that will be useful in fighting these battles are likely most effectively found in cyber-space where alternative open science forums and organizations can and are being organized and fed with blogs, videos, documentaries, films and web-based communications networks. This has already begun and one can now participate in live open source cold fusion research by following the Facebook and YouTube presentations of the Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project.

Many people might be reluctant for both personal and professional reasons to become volunteers in this bearing of witness to help hasten the ultimate arrival of practical cold fusion. What is on the table is not access to national resources like fossil fuel reserves and big science budgets, the balance of power between nation-states, or the economic and political hegemony of modern western nations. What is on the table is the future for our children and grandchildren where they might live secure and meaningful lives on a flourishing Earth powered with abundant clean energy ‘too cheap to meter.’  This is work that can preserve for all ages the very survivability of the human species and it is hard to imagine that anyone could serve a greater good or answer to higher calling.

For an abundance of reading on Cold Fusion you are already at the right place Atom-Ecology tells all.

Ps. As cold fusion eliminates the plague of CO2 from the burning of more fossil fuels it won’t provide the antidote to the trillion tonne deadly overdose of CO2 we have already unleashed upon our planet and our Mother Earth. To provide the antidote for the first deadly dose of CO2 we must restore and replenish ocean photosynthesis and become good shepherds of our ocean pastures.