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Did Technology To End The Fossil Fuel Age Just Become Available

If you were or are a fan of Star-Trek you might be delighted to see a real Warp Drive engine core that was demonstrated in New Jersey last week!

The real beginning of the end of the fossil fuel age – next year.

Dr. Randall Mills who has been on a long personal scientific quest, going on 30 years, has been delivering on his long ridiculed revolutionary ideas. Mills has been in the trenches aka at the lab and engineeing bench working tirelessly all these years, he is a real working scientist not some armchair pundit/academic. In late January his company Brilliant Light Power, (formerly Black Light Power) based in New Jersey showed in a public lecture and demonstration great details on his remarkable technology.

Dr. Mills to his great credit essentially revealed all in this demonstration that he has since provided to the world via this YouTube video. He has been fantastically successful on Wall Street over the past several years raising scores of millions of dollars to support and expand his technology development and delivery. Looks like those early investors are going to see stunning returns.

As for delivery he says commercial products will be shipping in 2017… that’s NEXT YEAR!

This is most surely one of the key reasons for the recent collapse in the price of oil and other fossil fuels in the world.

Dr. Mill’s sounds very certain as to the underlying physics that his inventions derive from. Those ideas are far outside of the conventional box for the world of energy physics but well within the theoretical bounds. 27 years ago Dr. Mill’s first appearance in energy physics was closely tied to the field known as cold fusion. He departed from the heavy hydrogen, deuterium, path of the cold fusion pioneers Pons & Fleischmann and worked instead with ordinary light hydrogen.

Dr. Mills became convinced that cold fusion was not really a fusion of two atoms which in making helium which had a mass of less than the two deuterium atoms that fused to make that helium resulted in an immense release of nuclear energy. He became the champion his own theory that the remarkable smallest atom in the universe, hydrogen, could be made individually smaller. In becoming smaller there would be a huge release of energy, somewhat like nuclear fusion, but not as energetic as an H-Bomb, rather Dr. Mill’s new shrinking hydrogen energy is ONLY 1000 times more energetic than oil.

Think of it this way, with Dr. Mill’s new engines that will become available next year instead of filling your cars ‘GAS TANK’ you will fill your cars ‘WATER TANK’ as water being H2O has the hydrogen needed as fuel. For every gallon of water your FILL UP with you’d need 1000 gallons of gasoline!

Update: An engineer who watched Dr. Mill’s vid carefully provided this simple analysis and context. “If you look at the chart on slide 49, where shows the measured spectrum, he also says that the power integrated over 4pi steradians is 527kW.  If that is true that 527kW of radiant energy is produced, with the estimated input of 46.6kW, that would mean he is realizing a HEAT COP (coefficient of power) of about 11X!” This from a self sustaining device fueld with water.

More than a sliver of a clue or rather silver

I am especially delighted to see that Dr. Mills has found the use of silver to be key in his work. This jives very well with my own work using silver in my sonofusion work. I always observed huge cold fusion effects when using silver targets. The reactivity of silver proved to be a huge problem in that my silver targets would almost instantly convert to a plasma when fed deuterons via my sonofusion methods. So much so that my heat capture and measurement methods were far too poor to deal with the enormous and rapid energy releases.

I am so pleased to learn how Dr. Mills has managed the fast high energy output of silver plasmas. I always thought silver would become important as my isotope studies in my own work showed that only one of the two silver isotopes was being consumed and transmuted (fused) into another species! I can foresee a good debate with Dr. Mills on this, maybe we are both right and agree it is hydrino cooled fusion.

Making Sheiks Shake

Now if this is not a technology that will end the fossil fuel age and help save the world from the ravages of CO2 it is close enough! As for the oil Sheiks and Sheik wannabes there will be some very long faces staring into the red books of their stranded assets as word of this New Jersey miracle spreads. Count on a wild flurry of claims that it’s impossible being promoted and spun in world media. For the banksters and gamesters of the oil markets a word of advice – don’t go long!  I am eagerly awaiting to see a vid on YouTube of the new dance in the Middle-East and Texas, it is called the “Twist & Sheik.”

I’m placing my order for a Mills Engine Core as soon as I am allowed.

Our CO2 Crisis Is A Twin Evil – Tomorrows CO2 (aka solved 🙂 ) & Yesterday’s CO2 ? 😉

As for the damage of CO2 already done to our world we still need revolutionary technology to deal with the nearly trillion tonnes of CO2 that we have already emitted during the course of the fossil fuel age to date. That trillion tonnes of CO2 already in our air is effectively a lethal dose for life as we know it on this blue planet unless we provide the antidote. My work while pursuing cold fusion and related technologies like that of Dr. Mills has been to develop and deliver the antidote for the CO2 poisoning our world. I am delighted that Dr. Mill’s is about to deliver the means to prevent a second lethal dose of CO2 from being administered to our world. Bless him.

My ocean pasture restoration work will this year begin to deliver the antidote to yesterday’s deadly CO2. Seven ships to Save the Seven Seas will soon launch to deliver version 2.0 of my ocean pasture restoring technology. Version 1.0 was proven in my demonstration of 2012 in the restoration of a large 50,000 ocean pasture in the NE Pacific. It Just Works!

Here’s how Yesterday’s CO2 will be treated to become not merely treated with a proven, natural, sustainable, and affordable antidote but will be repurposed into billions of fish to help end world hunger!