Rossi E-Cat Press Release Is A Blockbuster

Rossi E-Cat Press Release Is A Blockbuster

An Italian Tide Lifts All Boats

Megawatt scale commercial cold fusion has not only hatched it is powering an American factory!

Well it is ten years late for my company D2Fusion when we had a top flight Silicon Valley R&D shop full of engineers developing in 2006, but the proof is finally in via my Italian colleague Rossi. His report is out via a press release just this afternoon on how well the year-long demo of his megawatt power plant in Florida performed. On average it provided ‘more than 6 times’ the power output but some of the time it produced ’50 times the output as input.’ It’s only a quarter of a century late for the original founders Martin Fleischmann (RIP) and Stanley Pons. Already Rossi speaks of the testing of an advanced even better performing E-CAT X or Quark model!

To refresh your memory about cold fusion it was announced to the world by its discoverer’s Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons, chemists working at the University of Utah in March 1989. The same day it was announced the giant oil super tanker Exxon Valdez ran onto the rocks in Alaska creating the largest oil spill ever. Perhaps that was an omen for fossil fuel.

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989 . In the history of modern media the 1989 cold fusion story outranks even the first landing by mankind on the moon in terms of the amount of news coverage it received. For 25 years it has been subjected to relentless and ruthless attack by those with competing interests in energy resources and physics pork barrels! What is hatching from the cold fusion egg is nothing short of wonderful news for the world.

I am pleased as Mr. Rossi’s technology is effectively a clone of my D2Fusion work and there is surely more than sufficient room in the global energy business for more than one new company to develop and deliver the goods. Atom-Ecology intends to be one of those. Of course we need to raise some millions of dollars ASAP to stay in the running.

Of note he is now in a legal battle with his investors, so along those lines we are even closer Kindred Spirits.

Here’s the press release from PR Newswire

Leonardo Corporation announced today that on March 29, 2016, Leonardo Corporation received independent third party validation of the overwhelmingly positive results of a nearly yearlong test of Leonardo’s 1MW Energy Catalyzer (“E-Cat”). According to the inventor, Andrea Rossi, the E-Cat generates a low energy nuclear reaction (“LENR”) which produces excess heat energy at a cost substantially below more traditional energy sources. According to the independent third party report, over the 352 day test period, the E-Cat consistently generated energy at a rate in excess of six (6) times the amount of energy consumed by the plant, often generating energy exceeding fifty (50) times the amount of energy consumed during the same period. According to Andrea Rossi, Leonardo Corporation considers the results of the third party test to be “an overwhelming success” and that “the world is one step closer to the realization of a commercially available new, clean and efficient energy source.”

The independent third party validation test was performed by Dr. Ing. Fabio Penon, a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, at the behest of Leonardo Corporation and one of its licensees, Industrial Heat, LLC. as both desired independent third party verification of the sustainability of the energy production of the E-Cat over a prolonged period. “The results of Dr. Penon’s test was consistent with the measurements taken by the representatives of Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heatrespectively during the course of the test” said inventor Andrea Rossi.

“Leonardo Corporation is working diligently with its licensees, corporate partners and material suppliers to implement a production and distribution plan consistent with the expected demand for the E-Cat units when they are made commercially available” stated Rossi.

Notwithstanding, Licensee Industrial Heat continued involvement in the development and manufacturing of the E-Cat is uncertain at this time. As stated in a lawsuit filed by The Silver Law Group, P.A. on behalf of Leonardo Corporation on April 5, 2016, Leonardo Corporation believes that Industrial Heat breached the terms of its license agreement and misappropriated Leonardo Corporation’s intellectual property relating to the E-Cat. Additional information is available regarding the E-Cat The lawsuit can be viewed at, Case No. 16-CV-21199-JLK, U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida. Leonardo Corporation does not anticipate that there will be any delay in the commercial release of the E-Cat technology as a result of the lawsuit.

What has Rossi’s E-Cat achieved

In a recent lucid analysis and report on where cold fusion is today British Cambridge Scholar Huw Price who heads what British media call the nations Science A-TEAM was clearly impressed by dramatic developments and large-scale commercial development of practical technologies in the field. He’s been closely following the year-long megawatt cold fusion power plant of Andrea Rossi that has been successfully powering a factory in Florida for a full year now.


Rossi’s Megawatt E-Cat Power Plant in operation in a Florida factory has just successfully completed powering that factory for 1 full year! The simplicity of the plant has led to development of factory capacity to build thousands of such plants and begin to deliver them to repower global industry immediately.

The formal test is now completed with the independent expert who was hired to closely monitor the plants operation in hand the news is spectacular.

There are more than a few groups, including Atom-Ecology, that have cold fusion technology well in hand. Whether and when their Model T’s will be a match for Rossi’s giant Italian IVECO industrial trucks is another question. One thing is for certain that as the cold fusion egg that has been sat upon for more than 25 years finally hatches the world will be far better for it.

Clean Energy Too Cheap To Meter

cold fusion light bulb

Atom-Ecology’s ‘simple kilowatt ™ cold fusion heater’ , no more complex or costly than the ordinary compact flourescent light bulb it resembles, requiring the same few watts of electrical power to operate but designed to heat an entire home! click to read more

An infinite supply of clean emission free energy that is suited to immediate production in technological forms as small as a light bulb or as large as plug-in replacement for a multi-gigawatt power plant is very near to hand.

This new energy will be the death knell for oil and other fossil fuels and with unlimited low-cost CO2 free energy put the world on course to be able to focus on how to mitigate and remove the trillion tonnes of noxious CO2 already emitted into this blue planets atmosphere. Providing the anti-dote to yesterday’s CO2 is well in hand to read more about that follow this link to learn how my efforts to restore and regenerate ocean plankton pastures will help save the world.

Rossi’s technology as well as our own as it ‘hatches’ over the course of the next very short time will prove this is no theoretical notion, factories around the world have already lined up, according to some reports, with thousand of orders for Rossi’s E-Cat Industrial Heat generators.

Atom-Ecology’s ‘simple kilowatt ™ cold fusion heater’ , no more complex or costly than the ordinary compact flourescent light bulb it resembles, requiring the same few watts of electrical power to operate but designed to heat an entire home! click to read more


Charlize top pick for Cold Fusion, the movie!

ps: And DRAMA to boot, per that law suit one could hardly imagine a more apropos way to enlist the zeal of the recalcitrant news media to the story of cold fusion, the only thing that might make this story/drama more enticing is when Charlize Theron announces she has accepted the role of the leading starlet in the movie. 😉