Caterwauling Over E-Cat & Cold Fusion

Caterwauling Over E-Cat & Cold Fusion

The Year Long Rossi E-Cat Cold Fusion Megawatt Commercial Trial Just Came To An End On Schedule

Initial reports of it being a success were followed by legal maneuvers between Rossi’s and his VC backers/tech license buyers – not a unusal development with transformational technology breakthroughs.

Within the strange world of social media all manner of anomalous caterwauling has erupted clearly aimed at discrediting this marvellous breakthrough.

Here’s bit of historical context. Andrea Rossi is an Italian engineer and inventor and physicist who has for many years been pursuing cold fusion via the hydrogen nickel pathway. He’s made steady reports of significant stepwise progress for at least 6-7 years and has garnered a following of science and invention devotees in both the hallowed halls of academia and amongst the internet enabled social media crowds that include scientists, trolls, and lurkers in abundance.

Cold Fusion 1989


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Rossi’s fundamental work follows and develops on the work of Fleischmann and Pons cold fusion. Though Rossi departed into a hot dry cold fusion environment as opposed to the original wet room temperature electro-chemistry. Fleischmann had openly stated that his research clearly showed the hotter the better in cold fusion, but keep in mind here when we say ‘hot’ we are speaking in hundred of degrees celsius not the tens of millions of degrees of the more classically known and accepted environment of HOT FUSION that takes place inside of stars and hydrogen bombs.

Rossi eventually developed his cold fusion reactor technology into what he calls his E-CATS (Energy Catalysers) and HOT-CATS. These operate at temperatures of between a few hundred degrees C up to 1400 C. It is nearer the highest temperature where the results have appeared to be incredible.

Recent Ro$$i

So a couple of years back Rossi was approached by a little known venture capital investor by the name of Thomas Darden who was interested in Rossi’s technology and intellectual property. In the field of cold fusion, like the field of catalysis development, a large portion of the ability to make things work is considered art and is kept not as patents but as trade secrets, aka know-how. Eventually Darden brought into the negotiation with Rossi an investment vehicle by the name of Industrial Heat (IH). Rossi being a practical and well-practiced engineer entering senior citizen age was very clear as to the fact that it will take many millions to develop any and especially his form of cold fusion into commercial products. Darden is a bit younger than Rossi but apparently very experienced as a venture capital investor. Both men knew their fields well and clearly neither were entering into any legal partnering agreements without an abundance of due diligence and caution.

The resulting agreement(s) they completed much more than a year ago is a classically proven style of technology investment agreement known as a milestone agreement. The investor Darden , and IH, were very cautious and demanded, and Rossi agreed to, a series of three milestones. The first two if met would lead to funded work on the major milestone a megawatt scale commercial demonstration of E-Cats in a commercial setting.

Rossi first passed the due diligence of IH to get to this milestone agreement and then he clearly passed milestone 1 as IH paid the first million dollars. Rossi then passed milestone 2 and received $10 million. The third milestone would pay $89 million and complete the agreement to a grand total of $100 million. Sufficient to start the end of the multi-trillion dollar fossil fuel age.

Venture Capital’s Legendary ‘Shoot the inventor stage’

Rossi has reported that his E-Cat tech passed this third all important milestone in the 350 day megawatt E-Cat commercial power test according to the specifications of the agreements. Rossi was and is no simple-minded scatter-brained inventor he paid very close attention to the IH VC’s hoping they were true ‘Venture Capitalists’ but at the same time was quite properly mindful to take every precaution and care so as to not be ripped off if IH turned out to be ‘Vulture Capitalists’.

Rossi surely was very well aware of the stage of technology venture investment that is commonly spoken of in a sinister dark humor way as the ‘shoot the inventor stage.’  It is clear now that Rossi documented everything, that’s the extra (and often not followed by inventors) means to protect oneself and technology rights from being fatally wounded when ‘shot’. 

When the 350 day milestone 3 project successfully completed a report, by an afore to agreed upon independent and qualified engineering professional, it was provided to both parties. (No doubt both parties especially the IH group kept their own set of reports and data over the course of the year long run. The Expert report specified as the ERV Report, though not yet released publicly, is said to have confirmed that the E-Cat Tech worked at least as well as it was required to and perhaps vastly better. With this ERV report affirming that Milestone 3 had been met and passed it was upon IH to deliver in 5 days the promised and contracted $89 million to complete the $100 million  investment technology license agreement between IH and Rossi’s Leonardo Corp.

Alas IH failed to pay up on their contracted legal obligation upon the crossing of milestone #3!

Federal Lawsuit Rightly and Immediately Filed

Rossi then did what every good and earnest businessman does he was fully prepared and filed his legal enforcement action immediately upon the 5 day deadline IH had agreed to not being honored by IH. This alone proves that Rossi without any doubt is a very astute businessman with plenty of good legal counsel. I am betting that IH never raised the money they have claimed and simply did not have the money to pay to Rossi to honor their legal agreements with him. Rossi is no stranger to legal entanglements and difficulties with new technologies and has paid dearly so in the past, his history has been very well-known and certainly was not a mystery to IH. 

That Rossi has filed a federal lawsuit to enforce the agreement with IH is a testimony to his confidence in the documented results of his megawatt E-Cat commercial trial. Most likely before the case goes to trial the expert discovery process of the pre-trial process will infallibly prove whether the E-CAT worked as claimed or not. While this is high drama it is very ordinary such drama in the world of technology and investment license and development agreements.

IH has issued a statement that the test failed to meet the specified goals. Rossi has countered by revealing evidence that IH had been engaging in what might well be circumvention and revealing secret know how… All standard legal gamemenship the truth of which will be revealed IF this goes to trial.

In all likelihood this drama is really only about that $89 million dollar amount and is in fact a ‘negotiation.’ That the legal drama is a ‘negotiation’ of course depends on the assumption that both parties are as they appear and not their ‘evil twin.’ Rossi going to a lawsuit immediately has placed his future in the hands of the evidence based legal system, it is impossible for me to imagine he would do so if he were in any way not being truthful. IH on the other hand is either a real Venture Capital organization with good intentions or it could be what is known as a Vulture Capital organization with all  of the horrible trappings that go with that characterization. Again the court process will reveal all, though it make take a long time. (Unless of course as is common a secret settlement agreement is reached and the legal process stops, never to be heard of again.)

The Brilliance of Limited License Agreements For Inventors

Rossi in having entered into a limited licensing agreement with IH has brilliantly positioned and protected his technology. There are without doubt all manner of non-disclosure and effectively non-compete addendum to the IH/Leonardo Corp. agreement that will effectively make it impossible for Darden and IH and any derivative party that they have connections to work in the field of cold fusion should things go Rossi’s way and against them. Rossi on the other hand is free to develop, license, sell, and raise money on his E-CAT technology in most of the world if not all. He may elect to steer clear of the limited regions specified in the IH agreement until the court case clears but there is a lot of world outside of the USA where Darden and IH “rights” are located that is intensely interested in seeing cold fusion in action.

Cold fusion, especially in the form of Rossi’s in hand proven E-CATS is the best chance the world has to replace fossil fuels and end the fossil fuel age in very short order. Even without the incomparable potency of Cold Fusion many global energy technology pundits have reported that fossil fuels will be mostly replace in about tens year time. Cold fusion will trump all the ‘alternative energy’ technologies beginning with industrial scale heat where a plug-in heat source replacement like the E-CAT can retrofit existing energy infrastructure and thus be exceptionally rapidly adopted. It will likely take much more development to put cold fusion into cars and airplanes but there are some ideas afoot that could accelerate powering even these specialized energy demanding regimes.

Cold Fusion Patent Approved

Backing up Rossi’s Cold fusion reality is the recent announcement of an incredibly expansive cold fusion patent being granted to Piantelli in Europe. Rossi had worked closely with a former associate of Piantelli and has even engaged in patent actions to try to block some of Piantelli’s claims. Piantelli’s patent may prove to be troubling news to Rossi but it is good news for the planet!


I will only delve into the caterwauling element of this story, at present anyway, to a limited degree. Most of the immediate howls of protest, anger, and hostility over the E-CAT and COLD FUSION venue is nothing more than cries of those with vested self-interest at risk of the transformational technology that cold fusion represents. Rossi is a bit cagey in this regard and would clearly like the world to think that he alone has the know how and means to develop cold fusion. That’s simply not the case and if his Italian tide rises as it appears to be doing it will lift many related cold fusion technologies, including my own!

But to share a bit of the caterwauling I offer some samples within a three-part taxonomy. (Rossi is a bit more of a lumper taxonomist and he simply refers to them all as ‘snakes.’)

Follow-the-money is one category of critics that includes those with serious money at risk, start with the oil industry and the rest of the fossil fuel industry then count in all of the rest of other energy industry parties from the raw resource coal miners and oil barons to those who transport billions of tonnes of fossil fuels around the world to all of the technology that makes use of those fossil fuels, you get the idea.

A second category falls within the field of those with ‘scientific dogma, turf, and research funding at risk. This includes countless academic professors who have been steadfastly ‘professing’ since March 1989 when cold fusion was first announced to the world that it was/is against laws of physics, impossible, and either incompetence or outright fraud. While many of the orignal harshest critics have retired or died myriad dogmatic dumbos will discover their on the record criticisms of cold fusion are going to be seen as grounds for such pernicious behaviour as to result in having their tenure and pensions revoked.

Lastly my third category include the most distasteful of all the mostly internet based world of trolls, malcontents, sociopath, and paid propagandists. Along with those identifiable bad actors a long trailing bevy of petty, pontificating, pundit, pissants have chimed in with the vile voracity of jilted groupies.

Follow the money

Black Swan arriving in oil fields?

Protecting Scientific Turf



Perhaps it is best if each reader judge these denizens for themselves. An abundance of revealing and defining comments are readily found by following these Caterwaul reading links RossiLiveCat, LenrForum, e-catworld, Sifferkoll, EgoOutPeter,