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Cold Fusion Patent Issued

A New patent covering a wide territory of cold fusion and lenr is just issued in Europe to Italian scientist Piantelli

Gadget photo above is from Piantelli’s lab in Italy

This new patent granted to Piantelli and his company NicheEnergy covers a very wide range of potential technology that depends on cold fusion reactions of hydrogen in metals. The priority date of the patent tracks back some 6 years so it has taken Prof. Piantelli some hard years of work to get this patent through the patent process that is very challenging to cold fusion. It is no mere flash in the pan.

Clearly the claims granted to Piantelli will conflict with many claims of others in the field of cold fusion/lenr. Perhaps the most presently prominent conflicts will be with the work of Andrea Rossi who is known to have worked with former associates of Piantelli. Rossi has a clear lead in the delivery of the proven technology that makes use of the type of cold fusion reactions, formulations, and methods described in Piantelli’s new patent. There may surely be some hard negotiations between the two Italians, Rossi and Piantelli, at the very least in the future.

Ramifications and remunerations

This breakthough patent issued in Europe is surely a slap to the face of the US Patent office which is now shown, as they have been accused for years, to have been engaged in a ruthless and likely criminal, perhaps even a RICO conspiracy and oppression of countless cold fusion patents filed in the US since 1989. Hundreds of cold fusion patent applicants will soon have the evidence to bring and support monumental claims against the US patent office and officers for suppression of cold fusion development. As cold fusion proves to be the transformational energy technology that it seems to be clearly billions of dollars in claims for wrongful denial of business opportunity will have to be provided to the cold fusion inventors whose work and lives were destroyed by the demonstrably wrongful and harmful patent process. I will be amongst the inventors first in line to join together for a class action lawsuit in this regard.


Patent Title: Method and apparatus for generating energy by nuclear reactions of hydrogen adsorbed by orbital capture on a nanocrystalline structure of a metal

EP 2754156 A2 (text from WO2013008219A2)

Publication number EP2754156 A2
Publication type Application
Application number EP20120778404
PCT number PCT/IB2012/053615
Publication date Jul 16, 2014
Filing date Jul 13, 2012
Priority date Jul 14, 2011
Also published as WO2013008219A2, WO2013008219A3
Inventors Francesco Piantelli

ABSTRACT – Technical problems (addressed): to increase the energy that can be obtained and to make it possible an adjusting the power supplied according to a method and an apparatus (101) to obtain energy by nuclear reactions between hydrogen (31) and a primary material (19) of an active core (18) comprising cluster crystal nanostructures a transition metal, where the hydrogen is kept in contact in a generation chamber (53) with such clusters at a temperature of process predetermined, and wherein by an impulsive action on the primary material, is caused an orbital capture reaction of H- ions by the clusters and then of capture by the atoms of the cluster, generating thermal energy associated with the reaction heat of said reactions and removing thermal power starting from this thermal energy.

Solutions (offered): Prearranging means for generating (60) of in H- ions, in order to cause a transition from a first concentrating said H- ions to a second concentrating said H- ions in said hydrogen (31) in contact with cluster active core (18), in particular by means of ionizing said hydrogen (31), The ionization can be carried out for impact of the hydrogen (31) on an electron-donor material, in particular selected between the alkaline metals and alkaline-earth and arranged near the active core (18); or supplying to the hydrogen (31) an energy vector (69) as a radiations ionising, for example of type α, β, γ, X, laser, UV, or as a beam of particles for example protons, hyperons, mesons, leptons, metal ions which, through a source or owing to reactions between a suitable for secondary material and protons coming from the transition metal during the orbital capture; or reducing the collection of thermal power for causing an increase of temperature of Active core (18).

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