North Korea Kim Jung Un H-Bomb

North Korea’s Greatest Power Lies In Open Sourcing H-Bomb Design

Kim Jung Un Plays His Most Potent Nuclear Leadership Card?

With his proven H-Bomb he uniquely stands in a position to be the one world leader to lead the world away from Nuclear Armageddon

He has in effect placed his H-Bomb Open Source Designs On Git Hub and the world’s Nuclear Bullies will now be forced to negotiate with the entire world as equals to deliver immediate and effective elimination of nuclear weapons

Let’s step aside for a moment from the propaganda pushed incessantly upon the world that Kim Jung Un is merely some sort of mad and malevolent man. What he is may be just an ordinary man at the nexus of an extraordinary moment in human history. What if he and his tiny impoverished and starving nation have alone delivered the power to end decades of insane threats of nuclear Armageddon.

In another time when the world found itself engaged in Armageddon another single man offered leadership. Winston Churchill at the end of the defining battle of world war two in N. Africa said, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Churchill rightly noted that there was a long road to be followed to end that terrible conflict but that a potent step had been accomplished. We stand today at a similar moment in time.

Should any one or even a few world leaders, acting like bullies, dictate global nuclear arms policy?”

Or should the entire world negotiate as equals in that most vital negotiation?

nuclear football trumps all

This world leader and the man with the black satchel walking beside him, that’s the Nuclear Football the black officer is carrying, can in the time it takes to open that satchel and push a button inside destroy 5000 cities inside of a single hour with H-Bombs 100 times more powerful than the bombs that destroyed Hirishima and Nagasaki. Can the world allow such power to be in the hands of that man.

Today and for decades there has been an exclusive nuclear weapons cabal that has used the unimaginable threat of nuclear holocaust to what many say bully the world. The two horrific blasts that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the cost of two cities filled with civilians with the first two primitive atom bombs has served to prove the stark horror held in the hands of a select few world leaders or bullies (depending upon your point of view).

The question before the world today is which one of two men/bullies will prove to be the most effective world leader. Which one will lead the world away from the brink of Nuclear Armageddon and by what means.

Will that leadership come in the form of a contest of two bullies with all the world facing the horror such egotistical macho puffery might result in. OR will leadership emerge in the form of the new guy on the nuclear weapons playground deciding that giving power to the people is the only means of once and for all ending the reign of terror of the few nuclear armed bullies who have held the world in fear since the last world war.

This moment in time, in history, has delivered the trump card into the hands of Kim Jung Un!

North Korea knows that in a fight with President Trump that his nation and its people will be reduced to the cinders and agony so well documented by the images of the horror of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He knows he cannot win but he also knows and has shown the determination to remain at the negotiating table by slowly building up his ‘chips in the game.’ That is the bullies game of mutually assured destruction, one the world has been a spectator in for 70 years. What if the game can be entered by countless nations.

Those 70 years have taught us one thing, the nature and character of bullies never changes.

kim jung un

Kim Jung Un

Kim Jung Un like no other leader in history holds the cards to end the bullies game. By placing his H-Bomb designs and technical specifications into Open Source on Git Hub and a hundred other global open source sites he can as easily open his far more potent ‘nuclear football’ and give itto every nation on earth the chips to enter the game and demand an equal status position at the negotiating table. In effect he has already done so by proving that North Korea in spite of its near destitute society can build the bomb.

The negotiation that is vital and must take place is not whether North Korea and its people should be starved death in order to be pressured to give up their hand-full of H-Bombs but that the bullies who have tens of thousands of H-Bombs in their arsenals able to be unleashed by the actions of a single potentially unstable leader in an instant is what humanity must bring to an end.

Now before you leap to the horror of H-Bomb designs being loosed upon the world keep in mind the greatest fiction every told that being…┬áThere are technological barriers that prevent just any nation from building an H-Bomb.

The Horror’s first lie

Under Hiroshima's Mushroom

Under Hiroshima’s Mushroom Cloud devastation not 1/100th of what threatens the world today.

The only barrier to building an H-Bomb is acquiring the fission fuel, either enriched uranium or plutonium. The technology to make plutonium which requires a nuclear reactor is indeed a challenge as in one needs a fully functional reactor. However to separate enriched uranium from ordinary and common uranium ore that’s a relative piece of yellow cake. Uranium ore is so common there is some in almost every nation and an endless supply in seawater.

Once the fissile material is in hand no atom bomb built has ever failed to explode! Kim Jung Un has shown the world the simplicity of atom bombs is technologically available to be rapidly produced even to the least developed nation. Once an atom bomb is in hand turning it into an H-Bomb is easy a piece of yellow cake.

So the biggest lie ever told, and told by the nuclear bullies, is the misdirection that the making of nuclear bombs is beyond the ability of the tiny and their exclusive domain. Nothing new to this it has been and always will be the refrain and of bullies.

We live in a world where the bullies have built perhaps as many as 100,000 nukes and while they claim they are reducing that number to a few tens of thousands can we believe what the leader/bullies say. I surely don’t don’t buy the fake news.

The Horror’s second lie

Besides the horror of difficulty of making nuclear weapons has also been another big lie, in this case the lie is about just how devastating nukes really are. The lie treats them as if they are merely somewhat bigger but ordinary bombs more powerful and devastating to be sure but the description of their horror has been unimaginably minimized. The reason of course is that if the public had a true sense of the horror of these weapons we’d never allow them to exist on our precious planet. Surely not at the fingertips of unstable power-mongering political leaders/bullies.

Take for example the story once told to me by a close friend who worked in the US Atom bomb testing world 50 years ago. His particular focus was to study the flash that comes at the first instant of an bomb detonation. That flash of light which we have all been told will ‘blind’ if we look at it is far far worse than being blinded.

h-bomb airburst

H-Bomb Airburst is the doomsday machine able to set ablaze half a continent per blast. Just 10 such blasts will consume the entire world.

The research on the x-ray flash from a large H-Bomb detonated not at ground level to produce blast effects but rather at 60,000 feet above the earth to maximize x-ray effects are startling. The first iteration of the research did the math and declared that an H-Bomb detonated at 60,000 feet above the Nevada test range if it took place on a clear day where clouds would not diminish the x-rays would instantly set ablaze all flammable materials in line of sight of the blast and that area covered 7 Western states.

That’s California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. Every tree, every blade of grass, every living thing instantly set afire from the intense heat of the x-ray light in the first fraction of a second. It would be as if a terrible malevolent bully was using a magnifying glass to focus the heat of the sun upon all of we ants below, burning us all in agonizing inescapable fire.

That is true horror of such magnitude that the powers that be demanded the scientists re-examine their data. Upon reviewing and rewriting their results the scientists acknowledged that the scope of the threat of igniting everything and everyone over seven western states was a bit over the top.  Their revised work noted that such a blast and x-ray flash would only ignite everyone and everything over an area of 7 Eastern States. Call them Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusettes. The report though eventually released for public viewing has never really seen the light of day.

Is Kim Jung Un forcing the world to address the true horror of H-Bombs by proving that they are far more prevalent than the bullies have said they are.

When only bullies have H-Bombs only bullies will dictate the fate of the world. This is the present real world dilemma and one that must be brought to the light of day and become part of a fully international decision process.

The examples of the Kyoto Accord on climate change and the new Paris Accord on climate change are examples of how the old world order can be forced to behave on behalf of the new world order. The Kyoto Accord was written and dictated by the powers that were with regard to trying to resolve the global crisis of climate change. It was broken by design in that written into it was a power grab by globalist climate pundits who rigged the language of the Kyoto Accord to deny sovereign nations the authority and respect to design their own effective climate action programs and gave the power to the pundits not the people.

That attack on sovereign privilege destroyed the Kyoto Accord which was denied by many nations and as a result became as much a Lehman style sub-prime commodities climate bankster gaming arena as an effective international accord. After 15 years of climate gaming The Paris Accord fixed the Kyoto Accord beginning with the reinstatement of respect for the sovereign nation privilege to decide what climate actions are right and proper. Along with this there are provisions to break the back of the climate bankster gaming of the billions, even trillions, the sovereign nations will dedicate in common to saving our common world from the horror of global warming in all of its many forms.

An Immediate Nuclear Weapons Ban Accord Must Follow The Example Of The Paris Accord

First and foremost every sovereign nation on Earth must have an equal sovereign status at the negotiation table. The half dozen bullies may sit in but not with bully boy power over all others. Kim Jung Un has proven that even the most repressed and repressive nation can develop the most horrifying H-Bomb and with it not destroy one city at a time but can set half a continent ablaze with each blast. There are only what 5 continents, so only ten nukes are needed not ten thousand for assured destruction to end the world as we know it.

Ten H-Bombs must be considered every bit as terrifying but not more so than ten thousand, that is the simple horrifying truth. The bullies with their beefy armies are nothing when every David no matter how puny holds in his slingshot the death stone for any and every Goliath.

This is the end of the bully boy world perhaps with a rather perverse thanks going to Kim Jung Un. Will the world of nations, like the 195 nations that signed the Paris Accord, stand up and be counted and work together as sovereign nation equals to rid the world of ALL nuclear weapons everywhere once and for all. There is little time to accomplish this goal but the path is clear either we do or we do not. We will, all nations, go forward into the light of a new day for the world or we will almost certainly all instantly be set aflame in the deadly light in the dozen H-Bombs that inflame the entire world.

Kim’s alternative or plan B