Atom-Ecology cold fusion reactor rack

A Baker’s Dozen

Today Marks A High Point In Cold Fusion Research & Development

Now online in my lab are 13 cold fusion experiments, a baker’s dozen

All 13 are now running and performing

Heat, helium and just ever so few gamma rays to transform the world of energy forever

The Atom-Ecology reliable cold fusion meta-fuels compositions are being studied with a new state of the art data capture system. Every second dozens of data point are logged focusing on production of anomalous cold fusion heat of tens to hundreds of joules/sec along with correlated gamma radiation. This most intensive cold fusion experimental array, a baker’s dozen, is unsurpassed in the history of the field for sheer numbers of simultaneous experiments. But best of all, this is truly functioning cold fusion that so far works every time.

atom-ecology fuel pellets

My tiny ‘atom-ecology’ cold fusion fuel pellets about 1/10th of a cm2.

The intent is to study and refine this technology that comes in the form of fusion fuel pellets the size of a few grains of rice. If you wonder about the utility of this cold fusion just count the number of grains of rice in a small bag of rice and multiply each grain by tens of watts of fusion power. Is that enough to power your home?

Thanks goes to the generous invitation and friendship of my mates Alan Smith in and Martin Moore who have provided me with bench space in their Ecalox laboratory and their incredible efforts to get our baker’s dozen running. With their assistance in building, programming, and breaking in our new cold fusion/lenr devices along with generous financial support from several donors to this work, I am able to test ideas in cold fusion that I have been pursuing since cold fusion was announced in 1989. Principally these ‘hot dry’ cold fusion experiments follow upon work in which I had successfully observed cold fusion in several forms in the past. (My work is well described on this blog.)

Where there is smoke there is fire

The argument against cold fusion being real and thus immensely controversial has always been ‘if one has nuclear fire, one must have nuclear smoke’, the ‘smoke demanded, has been gamma radiation. In this work here in our simple lab in an old farm building in the fields of Essex on the outskirts of London the gammas are reliably produced in sufficient abundance to be undeniable but in such tiny amounts as to be innocuous to health.

Cold fusion as a part of Natures Atom-Ecology is not just one reaction but a plethora of reactions. It always had to be true, as standard physics has always expoused if allowed, that any one ‘cold fusion’ reaction to be produced surely that would allow for a great variety of different cold fusions to occur. Fortunately the principal cold fusion reaction produces no gamma radiation but rather simple helium. That’s always been the simple fusion, fuse two hydrogen atoms together and make one helium, effectively a double hydrogen. In this case the form of helium produced is mostly 4He. For the lay person single gram/cc of water, as in H2O, contains sufficient hydrogen to make trillions of atoms of helium. Along with that amount of helium comes a trillion watts of energy.

magnetic gammas

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A working model/theory that offers powerful mathematical model that provides testable and confirmable predictions as to the mechanism and results of cold fusion is a key part of these experiments. The theory and model are far outside the accustomed box of nuclear science but the paths to connect this breakthrough and make use of established nuclear physics is remarkable. It all comes down to understanding the nature of atoms in their native ecology is 4 dimensional and engages the powerful forces of magnetism. Read more about magnetic gammas here.

Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactions Inside Compact Fluorescent Bulbs?

Next in line for my cold fusion lab bench will be putting the reactions inside of practical devices some that will resemble ordinary compact fluorescent light bulbs. My work on dusty compact fluorescent fusion in past experiments and my recent breakthroughs here in London show that ‘Simple Kilowatt’ cold fusion bulb/heaters are near to hand.

bakers dozen cold fusion

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Imagine heating your home and making all the hot water you can use with a device that costs about the same as a common compact flourescent light bulb, consumes just a similar few watts of electricity,but delivers all of your heating needs for years. That future may seem like an incredible story/dream but it is very near.