thomas edison first light bulb

Slow Coincidental Brilliance

On the very long trail of cold fusion, for me since the last week of March 1989, there has been one thing that has been constant.

The questions, most often poised as challenges to the real data that speaks to us of the complexities of our universe, the complexity of an atom-ecology.

Cold fusion ecology like all ecosystems includes a number of variables that is far too massive to allow simple mathematical representation and reduction.

I am smitten by the image in my minds eye that suggests I am sitting amongst the audience listening to the spiritual voices of a heavenly choir that is shrouded in darkness, only just now the light is beginning to illuminate our world, we are just now able to discern the shapes, if we are lucky soon even the faces of the singers will be revealed.

(Thomas Edison is shown above testing his brilliance and light bulb.)

If you want to begin a very long walk I will be starting off to repeat my own journey with this first of a series of posts. I began in earnest on my lab bench the week after the March 1989 cold fusion press conference, haven’t stopped since. Some pauses to carry on with other important bits of life but still working. Having counted as working colleagues, defined by I or they standing side by side at each other’s experimental benches I think I can count a dozen or more of the most successful cold fusion experimentalists amongst my cabal. Alas many are now passed, RIP.

The one constant over the decades has been the demand for clearly more than mere human patience, aka lifetimes, provides. Oh yeah also the endless cat calls from the peanut gallery unable and unwilling to step onto the playing field, that’s also been a constant and most often unfathomable companion, aka stinkers. Just recently some of the cat callers have been obstreperously caterwauling for a simple sound bite version of the science of cold fusion. In their social media world all things are a semantic debate where scores are counted in the number of sound-bites spitballs tossed, only similarly stupidly short answers to stupidly short questions are considered part of the game.

To those looking to engage in such games if you have most of a lifetime to dedicate to your listening there is a wide variety of data just waiting to speak/sing it’s answers to you. The real data reveals itself with unified and uniform voices and it says not ‘eureka’ but ‘hey that’s odd’. Like Edison’s light bulb, it is the fleeting brilliance that is most alluring and offers the challenge to make that brilliant light enduring.

Here’s a hint ‘odd emanations’ are the one constant in working cold fusion in perhaps all of its many forms. The emanations are odd enough that if you are not especially diligent in looking outside the ordinary box you will miss it, or only see the most fleeting hints.

What the cold fusion data is saying is that our world is so much more of a complex “atom ecology” than what the hide bound schools of physics would teach to those obedient enough to make the grades. Of course the charlatans, aka high priests, prelates, & faithful, of physics are sure to proclaim all interlopers are committing sins. And surely in the cold fusion wilderness one finds in great abundance all manner of peculiar and disreputable flim flam spun by those who engage in arbitrage of science spinning bundles of bullshit like a Lehman Brothers mortgage bundle where a paltry few real values carry endless amounts of worthless bullshit. What experience conveys to a few is the ability to see who is bundling the banal. Alas social media has made every armchair a pulpit so it is truly a challenge, fields pissed upon so profoundly as cold fusion are awash with distractions.

What is interesting is that the real data has always shone most brightly even when the signal was incredibly poorly understood. That’s the benefit of longevity and dedication the real shining bits tend to agglomerate into an understandable thing. Such is the case it seems with Holmlid’s ‘muons’, there are too many coincidences coming together to ignore his contributions to what is becoming a choir. Other recent brilliance might just be shining in the work of Mills, aka Brilliant Light Power, and Rossi’s menagerie of e-cats. I fancy also that there may be a connection to the work of Shawyer and his mysterious propulsive emanations from his EM drive.

As for being the tutor of a free simple sound-bite tour-guide sorry I have neither the time nor inclination to help the impatient and reluctant. There is so much to do and so little time to do it. As Thomas Edison so aptly put it long ago, “The thing I lose patience with most is the clock, its hands move too fast.”

In many many experiments over the years the ‘mischugenons’ have made their presence irrefutably known. It is a thrilling time just now in cold fusion as there are many confirmations and affirmations of the choirs existence, we’ve been hearing their voices for nearly 30 years and just now the theatrical smoke is beginning to clear just enough that we can see the outlines of the choir, it’s a big one.

Check back occasionally to see if I have a new episode posted.

If you want to put yourself in my mood you can play the following vid/music while you read and contemplate.