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Cooled Fusion, There’s Nothing Incoherent About It

The human world of the science of physics is a poor view of the universe’s view of fusion

Fusion comes about by two means, one by adding lots of energy as in HOT fusion, the other by taking away energy as in COOLED fusion.

Atoms can be forced to fuse or shrink to the point where they can hook up almost without being noticed

The fundamental truth about atoms and whether they get friendly or not, and the energy release if they do, is all about what is called “Coulomb Repulsion.” This is due to the fact that like charges repel like charges. The one thing that has made and sustained the universe in the stable form we all enjoy today and for all time, past-present-future, is the fact that the nucleus of atom is said by agreed convention to contain “protons” and protons have a positive + charge. With those + charges in every atom the atoms are all wearing a sort of universal chastity belt! Without it they would go completely crazy, hook up, and literally all hell would break loose and all of the matter in the universe would come unwound. 

Here I am with my sonofusion reactor in hand standing on the General Atomics HOT fusion Tokamak. My device cost under $500 to make the Tokamak 'stage prop' cost more than $5 billion

Here I am with my sonofusion ‘cooled fusion’ reactor in hand standing on the General Atomics HOT fusion Tokamak not quite 20 years ago. My device cost under $500 to make – the Tokamak ‘stage prop’ cost more than $5 billion in public funds! Both machines saw the same level of fusion the week before the photo was taken, I ask you which was cooler!

Now it is not to be said about Mother Universe that she is a complete prude and so she does allow for some ‘fooling around’ and ‘hooking up’ and so far as physicists have been able to discern with our primitive tools and sin goggles strapped on the only place such foolin around has been allowed is in the center of stars where the temperature is many millions of degrees.

Fusion Birds and Bees

That’s hot enough to make even the most prudish atom disrobe and then hmmm well you know the rest. Some fusing takes place is sufficient to say. OK yes in places like the center of atom/hydrogen bombs and some impossibly expensive machines like tokamaks there is also some hot fusion.

How and why that HOT fusion takes place is very simple if you have two atomic nuclei with protons and their positive charges and you make them fly really really fast at each other instead of the like charges making them bounce off each other before anything happens they will in fact overcome that repulsion and fuse into a single new atom. But the temperature is really really hot at least millions of degrees if not tens of millions of degrees.

But there have always been some few physicists and thinkers who have imagined that Mother Universe might have been allowing us to all mislead ourselves as to where, when, and what is allowed. As it turns out she has always allowed for some discrete fooling around so long as the emphasis on discrete protects all that is holy, it doesn’t get too frisky, and no one gets hurt.

What this ‘discreet’ means is that if two atomic nuclei complete with their positively charge protons slip very near to each other by becoming the opposite of energetic, cooled if you like rather than heated, in this cooled state and they need to make use of some quantum tricks to appear so cool, the two nuclei will slip into their eternal bond and become one and give birth to a new atom.

cooling atoms

Cooling atoms shrinks them from their usual corpulant whale size to tiny ballerinas sized dancers… tsk tsk

Amongst the scientific dogmatists of physics the vast majority of folks are really dismally prudish characters and they collectively practice a form of pernicious group thinking that is perfectly akin to the sort of appalling dogmatic thinking of the most insane and inane mullah or born again religious fanatic. Science includes those every bit as ruthless as any disciple or jihadi in enforcing punishment on any and all that they can to reinforce their personal egos. All in the name of whatever dogma flavour of the day, tribe, or region dictates. But it just ain’t reality!

Of course there have been some exceptions to the rules of prevailing dogma in the “science of physics” that have allowed that under unimaginably rare circumstances some fusion might take place that is NOT HOT and still approved of, being so rare as to being mathematically nigh unto impossible. Did I mention that the Grand Inquisitors prelates are mathematicians. (Lest I forget to mention even in the rarified fields of cold fusion/lenr there are an abundance of dogma defending prelates/mullahs who have effectively called for the torture and beheading of those daring to reveal the wrong “faith.”)

Strange and unusual fusion interlude

One form of such rare non Hot fusion is known as muon catalyzed fusion. In this rare form the two potentially fusing partners get as close to each other as their positive protons will allow in full view of all to see Grand Inquisitors, Prelates, and just plain other atomic folks. All is well and proper. The suddenly flying across the dance floor zips a cosmic interloper who bears a powerful negative charge, this bad bully electron who is hundreds of time heavier than a regular electron blows between our proper couple and their positive charges see his huge negative charge and the are drawn toward that negative accelerating to high-speed.

But before our happy but properly distant couple know what happened he’s long gone and their momentum carries them into an unseemly collision where-upon in full view of all they fuse and give birth to their progeny new atom. OK OK everyone agrees it should not have happened but it does but so rarely that just this once it will be allowed to be recognized as having happened.  BUT THAT’S IT NO OTHER COLD FUSION ALLOWED, GET IT!

OK back to the birds and bees basics


First comes nuclear love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby carriage

So one day about a quarter of a century ago an aging chemist comes on the scene saying that he’s had this hobby of searching the obscure scientific literature with an eye on finding hidden atomic pornography! What he has found are a smattering of descriptions of cold atomic fusions buried in the literature.

Now if that wasn’t bad behaviour enough he deigns to try to reproduce the unusual conditions wherein more than a few normally prim and proper atoms are encouraged to interact, even fuse, he is the Hugh Heffner and Joyce Brothers rolled into one salacious shameless scientist. I won’t name him here suffice it to say we shall refer to him hence at that MF.

The birth of COOLED FUSION

What the MF has discovered is that while out in the open of space where we puny scientists can stare and spy with our instruments of physics that is not all of space. Buried deep inside solid matter lurks an entirely different realm where atoms are found in their greatest abundance and concentration. There out of sight of human dogma MF shows that it’s rather easy to encourage some misbehaviour, rather like how easy it might be to tempted to misbehave behind the walls of the Playboy Mansion.

Harummph say the Grand Master Inquisitors of Physics how dare he suggest such a place or the things that might occur therein. Send in the prelates and beat MF and anyone who dares repeat his words or work severely.

But in reality what is a very real part of how our universe works is that there is far more foolin around than most will speak of. Indeed the example of the rare bully muon offers the proof that cooled fusion can take place, and anyone knows that one slight hint of such cool delights being possible will engender all of atom kind to find a way to try it on their own. Now the truth be told it is still very challenging for atoms to find their own way to do this.

Here’s where a few out of the box scientists become important. MF led the way and a few of us have followed, not to enjoy some salacious pleasure but rather for the sheer joy of discovery that is common amongst true scientists as opposed to those tight asses ruled by dogma. No surprise here we humans are very obvious critters.

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

To make COOLED FUSION not only possible but probable and even better predictable and practical has been but a 25 year exercise in never ending delight to those of us pursuing it. Our dear mentor MF has joined the cooled fusion choir eternal and keeps singing us along our way as have a few of our other kindred spirit cool scientists.  We miss you all but we have not forgotten either your camaraderie or your infectious enthusiasm.

Of course all has not been a collectively cool love -in amongst those participating in this common quest. There are plenty of very human examples of machismo, bitchiness,  to say nothing of an abundance of trolls and ne’er-do-well. Ces’t la vie.

One particular scientist who helped shine light on the field of COOLED FUSION (aka cold fusion) was Nobel Laureate Julian Schwinger who knew about as much about the world of quantum physics as might be known. He spoke out on behalf of ‘cooled fusion’ by means of coherent quantum effects within weeks of MF’s announcement in 1989. The prelate goons attacked but Schwinger had clout and stood the bastards down. History now clearly shows he was right they were wrong.

There have been many, meaning hundreds, scientists who have pursued Cooled Fusion with passion and persistence. Of those only a few of us have been able to stimulate sufficient cooled fusion to be said to have produce a lot of it. That term “Lot” is very subject to scientific interpretation, the less one had in hand the more one needed to invoke the services of dreaded mathematicians.

The basic “cooled fusion’ requirement is to make use of solid state environments where the increased density of fusing atoms and some more readily fuse than others, deuterium being the most promiscuous. Pack enough atoms into a tight place and someone is bound to bump into someone else and if that someone else just happens to be fusable well… we all know the outcome of such fusions, ahem..

My favourtite cool fusioneer is of course my friend and mentor Martin Fleischmann. But who is in second place on my favourites list that is a changable list…

geordi leforge

The Mills Engine as foreseen by Gene Roddenberry – click to see the present day Mills engine core running in a public demonstration in New Jersey!

Today I find Randy Mills to be especially attractive as he has revealed that he has been working with silver which just happens to be my favourite metal cool fusion intermediary. Randy however has been in a 25 year argument with me over whether his view of atoms wherein they remain strictly asexual and no cool fusing ever takes place doesn’t jive with my observations of the isotopically perfect offspring of cooled fusion I have observed.

However Randy’s, non-randy, reaction mechanism does provide a very clever quantum cooling mechanism that I find has great potential. His asexual hydrogen atoms shrink via a coherent energy cooling reaction and he seems to have very good control and handle on this.  In doing so masterfully he maintains that the energy released is sufficient to be useful.

Dr. Mills present Hydrino Brilliant Light Engine runs on the hydrogen from water, you know H2O, and he reports that a single gallon of water provides his engine core with the energy equivalent of 1000 gallons of gasoline. Now that is revolutionary energy regardless of whether it comes from his asexual single atoms or my more randy atom pairs! 

So I propose to reconcile with Dr. Mills and will hence forth consider that there is an ideal form of new energy that we have in hand that I would like to name Hydrino Cooled Fusion!