COLD FUSION Real, Revolutionary, and Ready Says Leading Scandinavian Newspaper

COLD FUSION Real, Revolutionary, and Ready Says Leading Scandinavian Newspaper

Aftenposten, a mainstream newspaper in Norway is publishing on Cold Fusion.

Here is a ‘translation patched up with contextual English/Physics parlance’ of the April 2, 2016, Norwegian report that features an interview with Physicist Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen, who revealed details of an operating experimental cold fusion device in Norway generating 20 times more energy than required to activate it!

According to Scandinavian physicists ‘cold fusion’ happens due to the formation of ultradense hydrogen/deuterium as described in the widely acclaimed work and theoretical understanding by professor Svein Olafsson (Sindre’s Phd. supervisor in Iceland) and Norway’s Professor Svein Holmlid.

Finally a proven testable theory for cold fusion that occurs in microscopic stars inside ordinary metals!


Norway’s behind the scenes cold fusion industrial R&D Laboratory ‘in the smoke’ of Hamar.

Is this the solution to all our energy problems? Can two guys in a small industrial office be sitting on the solution to the climate crisis? The ‘cold fusion’ of ultra dense hydrogen will give us cars and aircraft with unlimited range. Heat and electricity for houses will allow them to be unplugged from power company networks. Or is it just wishful thinking?

In an industrial building,  ‘in smoke’ meaning hidden away in a Norwegian industrial district not academia, that no one in the Norwegian public has heard about, lies the commercialization R&D laboratory.  There attending to the engineering facility is PhD student Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen bent over a small reactor of thick metal.

Even before newly funded research began, he experienced that up to 20 times as much energy coming out of the reactor as what he put in. Was it cold fusion he witnessed? Aftenposten wrote last summer about the research in this field, which is not accepted in science excellent (polite) company. But now the American Physicist Society, APS, which until this Norwegian work emerged has been dismissive, has begun to publish works of scientists who show the effect is real and offer a viable theoretical mechanism proven via classical physics procedures.


Editors note: Holmlid’s elegant table top fusion reactor and detector with schematic, can be easily and relatively inexpensively built of ‘off-the-shelf’ high vacuum parts. A wonderful contribution to global energy ‘crowd science’. With Prof. Holmlid’s offer of coaching and help to those reproducing the work this revelation of every detail will very quickly separate the pathological skeptics and physics trolls from the ‘earnest and honest scientists’! – click to enlarge

{ More device details are available via the patent filing and Prof Holmlid’s reference library}

The closest thing to the theoretical work and testable supporting data of Holmlid is the mythical energy announced to the world more than 25 years ago by Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons as cold fusion (it also goes under the name LENR for Low Energy Nuclear Reaction). Cold fusion occurs when hydrogen (in the form of deuterium) is loaded into metals and ‘energized’ in one form or another. Hydrogen atoms merge with each other and simultaneously releases an enormous amount of energy that follows Einstein’s famouse E=mC2 equation.

The energy released is far, far greater than that applied to create the reaction(s). It’s like fire in the fireplace, really, just that nuclear fusion, delivers a million times more energy than any chemical process of combustion. Editors note: Imagine your homes winters firewood supply multiplied by one million times, enough wood to bury the city of Gothenburg for each household contained instead in a single cup full of ‘heavy water.’

Unlike combustion cold fusion does not quickly run out of fuel. As many other cold fusion researchers have reported in over 1000 published scientific papers Zeiner-Gundersen have run experiments for  long times where they measured an energy production that is so high that it is impossible to completely explain it as any known (or conceivable) chemical reaction.

This Will change all energy

“The so-called Coulomb barrier between two atom nuclei suggests that what we see here is not possible. That I acknowledge. But I note that it still happens. Therefore we have focused on finding bugs in our own methods, through probably 1,000 days of tests. The result varies, but we note still that the reaction takes place. I’m guessing that within three years, ‘people everywhere’ will be thinking completely differently about energy than today. Perhaps as soon 5-10 years we will see this used in aerospace, for the propulsion of vehicles, boats and aircraft,” says Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen.

Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's Deputy Crown Prince, interviewed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Wednesday, March 30, 2016. Source: Saudi Arabia's Royal Court

Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince announces Saudi is moving oil wealth into new sectors. Source: Saudi Arabia’s Royal Court – click to read more.

Editors Note: Is Cold Fusion an energy black swan? A series of reports reveals how seriously some of the world is taking Cold Fusion transformative technology is revealed in news from Saudi Arabia’s Royal family and it’s rapid development of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund that will rapidly make trillions in foreign investments to move the country quickly away from it’s dependence on oil! It’s not just oil sheiks who are interested, Bill Gates of Microsoft, reportedly the richest man on Earth has personally visited cold fusion labs in Europe, indulging his interest and history with ‘black swan’ tech.

A brief history

Researchers who have been pursuing cold fusion energy for decades claims that it will be possible to create an energy that is so enormously powerful and so cheap that we will be able to provide enough energy to power a city like Hamar (where this lab research is being done) for a year using the energy of cold fusion energy that comes from a glass of water – without harmful radiation or emission. Such energy would be so potent that it can become immediately economically affordable to pull harmful CO2 back from the atmosphere, or to make saltwater into freshwater. It will simply be the solution to all our energy problems.

Up to now Cold Fusion/LENR researchers have had difficulty getting published material in major scientific journals. They acknowledge as well that they have lacked a credible working theory behind the experimental results they observe in the lab. Most scientists believe that nuclear fusion will in fact not be possible without massive energy levels that simply can not be produced at any laboratory table. Take for example the work of physicists at CERN.

The results that have come since last summer are still more remarkable and carries with it a much higher degree of scientific credibility than before. Meanwhile, the team here are the only Norwegian physicists who will comment on the case that is based on their new and solid scientific findings now published and most possibly due to this new energy source.

Rydberg Matter explains the impossible chemistry


Rydberg Matter Diagrams according to Holmlid et al. Such hydrogen matter is more dense than what is found in the core of stars. This shows how normally separated atomic nuclei can be squashed so closely together, in microscopically small but atomicly huge domains, such that cold ‘micro’ fusion is easily be made to occur and be controlled. Click to enlarge

Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen is pursuing a genuine PhD degree at the so-called Rydberg Matter (see graphic) at the University of Iceland. Rydbergmaterie is probably a precursor to cold fusion, according Zeiner-Gundersen. He also believes his supervisor in Iceland, Svein Olafsson. Olafsson is a professor of solid state nuclear physics and has since 2014 made efforts which also confirms cold fusion. Olafsson, who has been chairman of the Icelandic physicist Association for several years and has also done experiments at Isolde laboratory CERN, picks happily up the phone when Aftenposten rings.

For me the Cold Fusion/LENR effect is an experimental reality. I have studied some of the 500 – 1000 articles published in the field since 1989. We can already say that we have discovered so much enormous energy that this source within 5-10 years will transform all energy. But it will take time before the world understands it. You could compare it to when Wright brothers first flew. They flew in 1903. But it was not until 1908 that they broke through. People did not believe it before they even saw it. When such a breakthrough occurs in the public consciousness, there will be enormous resources to the field.

More than 400 scientists worldwide work on it but the pursuit of cold fusion comes at a price

Until now there have been very few and far between academics like Olafsson, who endorse cold fusion. It is taught at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), but at the start of the course students are warned that their choice of study might harm their career.

One of the reasons that Olafsson now may speak so cocksure about that which among mainstream physicists most perceived an impossibility, is that he is not alone anymore. For example, the American academic physicist Robert Duncan (Texas Tech) who like the American physicist association pointed out the need to make independent examination of the phenomenon before the mainstream is convinced.

We are now an informal network of some 400 physicists worldwide who work with matter and look at cold fusion as real, says Olafsson.


Prof. Holmlid of Gothenburg has shown highly reproducible production of mysterious muons. – click for more

Another reason why Olafsson feels confident the research is real is the work of Leif Holmlid. Holmlid is professor emeritus of chemistry at the University of Gothenburg and has a long career. He has both helped assess potential laureates for the Nobel Committee, and has published over 200 scientific papers. Unlike most Cold Fusion/LENR researchers, the work of both Olafsson and Holmlid very recently published their revolutionary work on Rdyberg Matter in the prestigious journals of the American Physical Society, with its 50,000 members it is the largest organization physicists in the world. There will be no more “mainstream” than that.

Holmlid would still rather not be called a Cold Fusion/LENR researcher or associated with the concept of cold fusion. (Perhaps he sat in on that course at MIT.) It is a tough title to dodge as last autumn he published startling results from his pursuit of a new energy source in one of the journals of the American Physical Society, AIP Advances.

Svein Olafsson characterizes Holmlid as follows, – Until now, cold fusion research groped blindly, because we have not had any credible theory about what’s going on. But with Holmlid work we have a path that we can start walking. I would not be surprised if Holmlid ends with getting the Nobel Prize for what he now found out, says Olafsson.

Impossible according to the current laws of physics

There are several things that make disregard for cold fusion natural among physicists in general. Fundamental physical laws dictate namely two things: One is that any nuclear merger/fusion process must emit radiation, and the second is that the so-called Coulomb barrier must be exceeded to initiate fusion.

The Coulomb barrier is a force between atoms that prevents everyday nuclear reactions by pushing reactive nuclei apart. Traditional theory suggests that one must up the energy levels of atoms to the equivalent of a temperature of millions of degrees to start a process that will begin to allow nuclei to collide, merge and release large amounts of energy through fusion.

COLD FUSION magazine covers 1989

COLD FUSION magazine covers spring 1989. News coverage of the cold fusion discovery ranked it at the time as the most intensively covered news story in history, a bigger story than mans first footsteps on the moon! – click to enlarge

Cold fusion researchers have for years claimed that they can initiate a merger process with some equipment on a desk. This has profoundly challenged the established scientific community who have refused to accept it since it was proclaimed in 1989.

When first declared the there-to-fore prestigious American Physical Society denounced it by calling for a show of hands at a press conference and claiming that the show of hands proved cold fusion could not have taken place since the scientists did not measure sufficient neutrons. (Editors note: The ‘high priest/inquisitors’ of APS physics conducted this ‘Kangaroo Court’ only four weeks after the news of the cold fusion energy discovery had gone worldwide.)

That Mysterious Rydberg Micro Matter

The physicists then knew nothing about, the extreme fabric ultra dense deuterium, which Holmlid later detected. This new cold fusion drug is admittedly not yet perfectly experimentally fully verified, but very close.

According Holmlid his Rydberg Matter has nevertheless a local density which makes it weighs mind-boggling 130 tons per. liter. If you had a milk carton with ultra dense deuterium in the refrigerator, the carton tunnel a hole through your house immediately.

The substance is 1,000 times denser than solar core. The quantities used in the experiments are fortunately only ultra thin flakes and is therefore not dangerous heavy. This material contains the secret that makes cold fusion is possible, according Holmlid.

I think it’s ultra dense deuterium that can explain all the results from experiments with cold fusion, he said.

It is worth noting that virtually all Cold Fusion/LENR experiments are using just hydrogen and deuterium, which in different ways are packed as closely as possible into a metal and then energized.

Cold fusion tests variability now understood

In ultra dense deuterium is the core particles according Holmlid theory become so dense that Coulomb barrier is no longer an insurmountable obstacle. With just a little extra energy begins nuclei to fuse and emit extremely high energy.

This theory may also explain why it is so difficult to repeat Cold Fusion/LENR experiments with similar results. The tests can appear to be simple to repeat, and it is published over 100 such repetitions since 1989, but the amount of energy that comes out is highly variable from time to time.

The reason is, according Holmlid the merger takes place in the microscopic fracture zones within the solid metal substances deuterium loaded in. Since it is impossible to create the interior of a metal sample 100 percent identical from time to time, it may become violent fluctuations in the effect of attempts to experiments, depending on exactly how the metal is composed.

Mysterious Muon Radiation (Mischugenons?)

When Holmlid initiated the process of laser pulse on ultra dense deuterium his work always revealed one or other form of energetic particles (radiation) out. But what kind? The researchers looked and looked for different types with different detectors. After much ado, they found eventually that laser pulse of ultra dense matter emits so-called muons, contrary to assumptions.

Olafsson is now accepted to give a talk about the experiment for the prestigious American Physical Society in April.

One of the “problems” with both Holmlid attempts and cold fusion research is that experiments only produce very little radiation. It’s no wonder that physicists most do not believe that it can proceed fusion at room temperature, because all fusion according to the  (former) ‘laws of nature’ MUST produce abundant dangerous unmistakable radiation. Another article by Holmlid and Olafsson found that even with no laser pulse a weak radiation arises similar to that detected in the second laser activated cold fusion experiments. Olafsson think that ultra dense deuterium may have two different methods to conduct a nuclear process.

Editors note: Read more about another discovery of crazy radiation, mischugenons, in the 1990’s described with the help of the real Dr. Strangelove, father of the hydrogen bomb Edward Teller.

Revives research from the 50’s

The interesting thing with the discovery of muons is that this is extremely coveted and rare particles. They can be used to conduct so-called muon-catalyzed fusion, which was discovered already in the ’50s. The method has never received special attention because muons are far too costly to produce.

Now therefore Holmlid discovered a rich source of the extremely coveted particles. The next step now is to use them to drive a fusion reactor. This he has already signed a contract with the so-called incubator at the University of Gothenburg to realize industrially.

The idea is to replace the dirty boiler in existing coal power plants with a pure fusion reactor, which is also much cheaper to operate because it almost does not need fuel. Already from the beginning there will be more economical with such a merger than to burn coal, thinks Holmlid. He believes that all the necessary scientific findings are now done. The professor thinks we already, in 2-3 years, could see a completely finished new energy technology ready for full-scale commercialization.

Unfortunately muon catalyzed fusion ordinarily is expected to produce much radiation. Next steps Holmlid will be to achieve muon cold fusion, which almost will not emit radiation. The muons it emits are so weak that they are stopped by a few centimeters of concrete or steel. In addition muons are negatively charged particles, effectively electrons! That means they can be used to produce electricity directly, without using the heat to first produce steam.

How about a fusion power plant in the basement?

My Cold Fusion Simple Kilowatt™ heater now in development

Editors note: Perhaps Prof. Holmlid would like our Atom-Ecology Cold Fusion Simple Kilowatt™ heater now in development. It is no more complex or costly than an ordinary compact flourescent light bulb powered by a similar tiny input of electricity yet intended to heat an entire home.

Holmlid envisions that by the public should be able to buy small cold fusion power that will be the size of a small refrigerator. Such home power plants could produce 15 kilowatts. This is about what you need to keep your home with electricity. The device need not be greater in size such than it can be placed under the hood of an electric car instead of batteries.

The price, according Holmlid get depends on laser technology chosen, but probably will be at some ten thousand crowns (Norwegian currency 1 kr = 10 cents USD). Regardless of this cost this will be quickly recovered your for someone who has a house, which typically have 20,000 kroner in annual energy expenditure.

To cover a small country’s, like Norway, energy consumption for a year, Holmlid estimates that there will be enough energy provided by about 100 kg deuterium. 100 kg of deuterium costs at current rates no more than 700,000 crowns, that’s a mere $70,000!  Not good news for a country like Norway that lives off oil. But for the world as a whole wouldn’t something like that be an absolutely insane transformational energy revolution.

Is this too good to be true

The big question then becomes: Is this too good to be true? Holmlid has published the findings publicly, and the basic process he can therefore not take a patent on anymore. He has the right, the world is just in front of a solution to the whole problem of climate change, which many consider to be humanity’s greatest problem. When something sounds to be too good to be true, it is what often.

– Ultra Dense deuterium is not experimentally proven fully and it is so new and there are few scientific groups who have tried to repeat your experiments?

– Unfortunately, the biggest problem in this field lack of interest. I will help anyone who will try to replicate what I’ve done. Unfortunately it is not so very easy. But I hope someone tries. It would make everything much easier for me.


The findings of Holmlid and Olafsson, and also earlier findings on cold fusion field, is increasingly seen as credible among mainstream physicists. However not all, Physics Professor Dieter Röhrich at the University of Bergen has seen some of Svein Olafsson and Leif Holmlid latest publications for Aftenposten and also had a two-hour videoconference with them to clear up any confusion. Nevertheless, he is still very critical (verging on being what is characterized as a pathological skeptic, naturally so as his career is based on theories that will be up-ended as the reality of cold fusion emerges.)

Antagonist/skeptic from big money physics Vatican

Editors Note: Antagonist/skeptic Röhrich parrots the view of big money physics Vatican, aka CERN. He and his ilk have the most to lose as Holmlid’s work becomes accepted.

Röhrich acknowledges that any radiation from the experiments would be a sensational discovery, but is far from convinced.

“Many claim that they have discovered radiation are presented in the articles, but no irrefutable evidence presented. To measure an unknown radiation source is complicated, and I do not see that they have managed to do it”, he says.

– But now that the material is the accepted by the prestigious American Physical Society and was peer-reviewed by them, the picture changes.

He retorts, “peers are not infallible, and they can not – and should not – check everything. It does not have to be about a scam that I mean either. Most likely, the results caused by wishful thinking. It’s easy to get caught in their own world and not see the mistakes you make. That is why we in CERN has several experiments that largely does the same. A minimum is that experiments must be so nondescript that they can be repeated. But I do not even understand what they want to measure – muons, electrons, gamma radiation or neutrons,” says Röhrich. He acknowledges muon catalyzed cold fusion is possible, but notes that the muon lifetime is so short that the technology is unlikely to make practical application.”

Yet in the end he is not entirely dismissive to further explore the findings.

Svein Olafsson has been watching criticism from Röhrich.

“I understand actually criticism from Röhrich well. We had a good discussion, and I agree that probably 95 percent of everything that has been done within the cold fusion field is experimental error. Most have only using luck managed to produce energy. But the last 5 percent is scientifically published. Röhrich do not know cold fusion literature and have not had time to go through all these experiments. Therefore he shows a healthy skepticism which I respect”, says Olafsson.

Editors note: What Holmlid’s true peers have been saying for some years in published papers as opposed to off the cuff pontificating ‘wise cracks’. 

“If as reported the state of ultradense deuterium exists, and if it is sufficiently stable to exist long enough, it could become for the release of nuclear energy as important as was the discovery of nuclear fission by Hahn and Strassmann. It is the purpose of this note that on purely theoretical grounds an ultradense state of deuterium cannot be easily dismissed.” – F. Winterberg 2009!

A New Norwegian Race For Heavy Water?

Svein Holmlid is a chemist and nuclear work is not his specialty. Olafsson, who is a physicist, points out however that Holmlid is at home because his first discovery in 2008 was done with standard experimental methods of physical chemistry, and had nothing to do with the exotic cold fusion/lenr.

“Holmlid experiments are structured so that any minimal sign of radioactivity is a simple, beautiful, strong and irrefutable evidence that reveals immediate consequences in the saga and mystery of cold fusion. Such cold fusion is observed in over 100 published articles since 1989. But experiments where radioactivity can be turn on and off in a controlled manner – like his, is not possible by any known theory,” he says.

He points out that he does not claim to have resolved the matter and found the one answer, the ‘Holy Grail’ of energy physics.

“But we claim that we have found something that requires explanation. In order to progress, we need lots of additional research and help from other groups. We three scientists can not do this job alone,” emphasizes Sveinn Olafsson.

Various groups of course are arguing about this new physics reality for a variety of reasons. Where does oil nation Norway show up in this? It may be worth recalling that the more popular name of ‘deuterium’ is ‘heavy water’. Are we seeing evidence of a secret battle for or against heavy water? This begins to remind one of the famous Norwegian role in producing heavy water during World War II at the ultra-secret Nazi Vermork plant that was destroyed it what historians describe as perhaps the most important military action of World War II by the ‘Hero’s of Telemark’.

Father and Son

Father and Son cold fusion moves into mainstream Norwegian industry.

Father and Son cold fusion moves into mainstream Norwegian industry.

Let’s head back to smoke ( the industrial side of town), there’s father Sindre Zeiner-Gundersen watching his son’s PhD degree. M.Sc. Day Zeiner-Gundersen has even two doctorates, is chairman of small Norse AS and sets with the money and the laboratory that makes it possible for his son to carry out research funded by industry. Today has followed the Cold Fusion/LENR field since 2001.

Sindres father Day Zeiner-Gundersen has even two doctorates and has been anxiously engaged in cold fusion for many years already.

Norse AS have seen enough that we now know that Cold Fusion/LENR gives a real effect. But one should be very careful with quick conclusions since possible sources of error are numerous. There is surprisingly little LENR research in Norway, a discipline that several players around the world are researching. Very much of the research we are doing in this country has a little too much with a “snuggle research.” (That’s Norwegian slang for ‘cozy uncontroversial research.’) Maybe the petroleum crisis will get Norway to wake up? We certainly can not continue as we have done. At 50 years, we have people contaminated (with fossil fuel fumes) as much as throughout human history. Future challenges in energy must be resolved by examining several options, including the controversial,” says Dag Zeiner-Gundersen.

Are you interested in this technology that can save the world further disaster?

A major essay has just appeared in the highly touted AEON Magazine by Huw Price, who is the Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy and a fellow of Trinity College at the University of Cambridge. He is also Academic Director of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk.  His AEON Essay is titled, “The Cold Fusion Horizon, Is cold fusion truly impossible, or is it just that no respectable scientist can risk their reputation working on it?”  Prof. Price tells the story of a remarkable demonstration just concluded in Florida where a megawatt of cold fusion power has been used in an industrial plant for more than 1 year!

Aftenposten has written several reports concerning various aspects of cold fusion. Much credit goes to Aftenposten for their great journalist work in the field, you may read the original wording of the story in Norwegian there.

A scientific slide show on the work of Homlid and Olafsson is available here.