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2017 The End Of The Beginning – New Energy Breakout

Nearly 30 years ago the world started on a course toward the end of the fossil fuel age.

Humanities ever increasing dependence on increasingly colossal amounts of affordable energy cannot simply cease, but the source of our energy can/must be replaced.

One of the early pioneers of the sina qua non  of alternative new energy, ‘cold fusion’, now shines making brilliant progress on imminent delivery of colossal amounts of low cost energy.

Fossil Fuel/Fool ‘Gaslight’ Efforts Fail

Randy Mills, one of the early pioneers presenting his ‘garage’ experiments at physics conferences on the new energy of cold fusion is today, the 1st. day of 2017, featured in a lengthy CNN news report. On CNN he promises large scale deployment of his ‘SunCell’ energy machines beginning this year. It would seem the scores of millions of investment dollars lavished on his R&D work by Wall Street in the past couple of years has paid off, even though Randy persists in avoiding the moniker of cold fusion in favour of his faux fusion fable ‘strange’ matter formation. While Dr. Mills calls his strange matter ‘hydrinos’, aka dark matter, the late great Edward Teller (father of the H-Bomb) working with me and my data named our strange cold fusion matter ‘mischugenons‘.

How fast will today’s carbon fuels become fossils

Megawatt engine comparison… the one on the right you might be familiar with, it consumes thousands of liters of fuel on each flight lasting mere hours. The ‘cold fusion’ engine will consume liters of fuel per decade.

Trillions of dollars worth of fossil fuels in the ground are now ever more likely to be trumped by new energy and become stranded assets in the very near future. The fossil fuel sundown has arrived via the oil industry’s long feared Black Swan that has taken flight in the form of the new energy of Cold Fusion.

The dark lords of carbon fuels 28 year black hearted campaign to destroy or delay clean green cold fusion with the never ending ‘gaslight’ campaign declaring it being fraud, bunk, impossible, and worse is in collapse. Today world governments, leaders, and scions of business have decided to look more closely at cold fusion and the clean environmentally friendly energy future that it portends.

new energy simple kilowatt bulb

Click to read more about my ‘Simple Kilowatt’ home heater where inside a ‘dusty’ cold fusion plasma mimics coherent deep space conditions.

What the old fossils of the energy world have sought to darken via decades of ‘Gaslighting’ misinformation is now seen to not be some off the wall new energy miracle with neither substance nor form. The very thing that led Cold Fusion to capture the history books as the most intensively reported story of the age, when it burst onto the scene some 25 years ago in Utah, is no longer just a laboratory experiment. It is in hand and producing megawatts of heat energy, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap all remaining obstacles in just a few more simple bounds. The cost to produce this clean green cold fusion energy is incredibly low, less than 1% of competing fossil fuels and it is in a compact form that can be distributed into every nook and cranny where heat is required.

Cold fusion no longer only in the style of Fleischmann and Pons

Today there are many forms of cold fusion outside of the box of what some might say is the ‘traditional vein of the electrochemistry in heavy water pioneered by Fleischmann and Pons’. Hundreds of labs have pursued this path amongst the most successful, albeit in small test tubes.

One is that of my longtime friend Dr. Mitch Swartz of Boston, in his day job he’s a top ranking radiologist who treats cancer patients. He and colleague Prof. Peter Haglestein of MIT have for some years now put on an annual COLD FUSION 101 course. One can sign up at MIT for the course or even attend the class via YouTube videos now available. Dr. Swartz’s cold fusion work shows terrific gains of energy many times that of energy input in his ‘Nanor’ experiments.

Another form of cold fusion gaining steam is one of my own paths reported on at many conferences of the American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, and other prominent scientific forums which have called Sonofusion.  It is somewhat of a hybrid between traditional HOT fusion and COLD fusion more energetically stimulated than the original F&P cold fusion in a teacup, making prodigious heat and helium, but sans dangerous radiation emissions or waste products. There are many more variations on the theme and it’s likely that all of the modalities of technology that make use of cold fusion reactions will deliver practical devices for producing clean energy in the near future.

FAKE NEWS purports nonsense regarding recent oil price collapse to distract from the looming reality of oil becoming a stranded asset

Chart from Andrea Rossi's biographers blog

Chart from a blog that follows ‘cold fusioneer’ Andrea Rossi’s showing 2014 oil price collapse with recent cold fusion milestone events. click to read that blog

Spin mastered stories of the oil price collapse are everywhere saying it is being driven by the Saudi’s and other oil sheiks as a means to destroy fracking competition within the oil patch. Sure the drop in prices has hurt the fracking newcomers to the oil patch but the real reason no oil sheik is willing to curtail selling oil now is that they know that in a very short time they will be seeing cold fusion deliver impossibly low price competition to fossil fuel.

Other financial indicators and predictors are beginning to reveal potent, behind the scenes, role that cold fusion is having on world financial markets. One report makes the case for Big Banks and investment institutions engaged in dramatic moves away from the risk of oil as a stranded asset due to the reports of cold fusion breakthroughs.

Torkel Nyberg, who runs the Swedish energy industry blog notes that since 2011, big banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have put oil investment into full reverse. They have managed their investment portfolios that initially had about 200,000 contracts with a “long” position (letting you earn money if the price increases), to a drastically changed strategy, moving to as much as 500,000 contracts with a short position (meaning they are betting of the fall of oil prices).

What follows the end of the beginning

Certainly cold fusion isn’t expected to replace the super convenient liquid fuels of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel in a time frame of just a few years. These liquid fossil fuels that have an incredibly powerful installed base of engines will still be around for some years to come, but as for decades… they are toast.

Commercially viable low grade cold fusion thermal heat will be here as soon as this year

Coal trains lose to new energy

Thermal coal low grade heat has the highest immediate cold fusion risk.

Cold fusion derived low-grade thermal heat will immediately begin to become impossible competition for such plants including those that today run on coal or the bunker oil.

No massive revolution or retooling is required to begin to add cold fusion heat to the installed base energy cycle. Every degree of temperature rise that is needed in industrial energy applications is the same. For those industries that need heat if they can obtain any portion the heat they need from a cheaper source they will use it.

Think of how much less time it takes your kettle to boil on the stove if you start by filling it with hot water from your hot water faucet instead of the cold water. I notice that it takes less than half the time and energy for my kettle to come to a boil.

Time to sell fossils short

One report on the internet says, “The independent trader “Sifferkoll” explains, on his homonymous blog, that “the ‘Big Oil’ companies put their money from selling their oil fields in the bank and enabled the merchant banks to short oil, i.e. to bet on an its further drop”. So, the Big Oil avoided bankruptcies and fire sales, whereas the big merchant banks such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan among others have been extremely well positioned for this fall of the oil price since 2011.

Saudi Arabia has demonstrated their efforts to control oil production Saudi Arabia works to kill off as many of its competitors as it can. Whatever the price the Saudis with their massive oil reserves in danger of becoming stranded assets are clearly willing to do almost anything to forestall that inevitability.

Open source cold fusion is good news for the world, bad news for the banksters.

open source cold fusion new energy

Open Source Cold Fusion new energy is vulture capitalists and banksters bane

25 years of attacks on cold fusion have yielded one great benefit to the world’s people. The normal course of technology invention and development which usually includes many powerful and contentious patents has been derailed. Cold fusion inventions and technologies having been consistently refused patent protection were forced onto an ‘open source’ invention and development path.

As open source technology there are few if any intellectual property barriers to entry to be bought up and exploited by the vulture capitalists and banksters who would seek to own it all and legions of lawyers standing ready like hired old west gunmen ready to begin blasting away on behalf of anyone with cash to pay them.

Many of the best workable cold fusion new energy technologies courtesy of endless misinformation attacks now have a long open source history and thus can be built and sold without risking costly patent claim litigation by anyone with the inclination to do so – from the do it yourself farmer looking to heat his barn to medium-sized ‘investment management’ companies like Industrial Heat. The later has been outspoken on its efforts to capture a pool of technologies, most notably the Rossi E-Cat which it is now embroiled in a messy lawsuit regarding after IH failed to deliver on its committed major investment to the inventor after mining the market for investments to ‘manage’.

We all have front row seats, it’s time to watch the banksters, oil barons, and old king coal get out of Dodge.

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