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Cold Fusion Class Action Lawsuit Puts USPTO In Heavy Water

Are you a researcher whose been named as an inventor on cold fusion patents?

Has the US patent office rejected your inventions and patent claims any time in the past 27 years since cold fusion was announced to the world?

Is a cold fusion class action possible?

If you answer yes to the questions above then you might lend a helping hand to my effort to see whether there are enough of us with enough of a case to bring a class action lawsuit against the US Patent Office and the US Government for wrongful denial of our cold fusion inventions and claims over the past decades.

The recent issuance of the latest patent to Piantelli by the European Patent office (and much more as you can read about on my blog) has stimulated my thinking that there is soon to be an overwhelming case showing that cold fusion has never been ‘against the laws of physics’ as has been so prominently foisted upon us by the US Patent Office in their myriad rejections of hundreds of inventors inventions and claims.

That action by the patent office has made us suffer incredible loss of direct costs in trying to obtain our patents and even more egregious losses in terms of loss of opportunity our inventions would have likely yielded. To say nothing of the disparagement of our reputations, lives, livelihoods, and the monumental damage and harm done to all of humanity and nature by attempting to suppress the promising bright clean energy future for the planet that cold fusion will surely deliver and could have delivered decades ago.

As a result I am asking for those who are like-minded and have had or have an oar in the heavy waters of cold fusion/lenr and have been done wrong by the US Patent Office to consider contributing to my little research project. We might just discover how many of us little fish might join together to do something about the harm wrought by the USPTO cold fusion denialists and their RICO-like conspiracy that has been most dramatically in evidence by the many rejections of cold fusion patent applications.

Into The Stew Pot Of Simmering Heavy Water


Our cold fuson cannibal stew pot is filled with simmering heavy water awaiting the USPTO

The USPTO is clearly and demonstrably on record as having been engaged in wrong doing either due to blatant stupidity or conspiratorial intent or some blend of the two. A collective class action to stew them in a large ‘cannibal’s pot of boiling heavy water’ is the least that we will accomplish and I suspect long before the water gets dangerously hot they will jump from the pot into a settlement.

Even if you do not have standing as a ‘harmed inventor’ you can help by becoming an ‘amicus curiae canniballi’ , just fill in the form below giving an indication of your willingness to help, perhaps by doing as little as standing up and ‘bearing witness’ to this effort to mitigate the great wrongs done to cold fusion and humanity.

Join Me

Are you ready to join and help just fill out the comment form below with your name, city, email, and a few details on when and what you invented/claimed that was not treated fairly by the US Patent Office (other jurisdiction patent offices as well).  If you are the next of kin of a cold fusion inventor who was wrongfully treated by the USPTO you have standing.

I’ll create a bit of a database of the contributions and report some generalities on this blog though I will keep names and personally identifying details confidential.